Dublin - Quick Hitter into 5 Out Motion

Quick hitter you can run it 1 time right into your 5 out motion or you can run it as a continuity until you get a good shot.  You will get quite a few 2 to 3 feet shots at the rim coming off the flex screen.  The defense will start to help and after that the player off the double stagger will get open looks.  If they have 3 point range then they can come off for a 3 pointer, but if not they can stop at 10-15 feet.  
1 passes to 3.  1 cuts to ballside post.  2 fills to the top.  4 cuts towards the opposite post.
Frame 1
2 dives to the ballside post.  1 rolls to opposite post.  4 pops up.  3 passes to 4.
Frame 2
1 v-cuts to the wing.  4 passes to 1.  2 screens for 5. 
Frame 3
3 and 4 set a double staggered screen for 2. 
Frame 4
Coaching Points
  • Make sure the person setting the flex screen understands the importance of setting a good one for them to get open for a shot.  
  • The person coming off the flex screen needs to stop at the rim and not over run a layup opportunity. 


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