Panther - Quick Hitter into 5 Out Motion

Quick hitter play that can give you a quick post look or lay up.  If nothing is there it flows right into 5 out motion.  
Starts from the 5 out formation.   1 dribbles at 3.   3 cuts to the weakside block.   As this is happening, 2 and 4 fill spots.
Frame 1
2 and 4 continue cutting and set staggered ball screens.   It's important for 1 to dribble to all the way to the wing (free throw line extended or slightly below). 1 uses the ball screens dribbling to the right wing.  As this happens, 3 starts moving into position for a back screen.
Frame 2
3 sets a back screen for 2.  2 cuts to the block for a post up or lay up. 1 will have a brief moment to attack for a lay up.  Otherwise 2 should be open for a lay up or post up.   After screening, 3 and 4 pop out to the perimeter.  
Frame 3
On the post entry, you flow into motion...   1 makes a laker cut and perimeter players fill open spots.  
Frame 4


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Qasim Ward says:
4/11/2019 at 10:28:56 AM

Hi I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for sharing your knowledge of the game in a very easy to follow and simple way! It truly helps! I really have learned alot by reading your site! I recommend it to others all the time!


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