Pacer - Quick Hitter into 5 Out Motion

This is a simple quick hitter play that will give you a lay up or get your 5 out motion offense initiated.  It's an excellent entry against high pressure defense and flows seamlessly into 5 out motion.  Even if you don't get a shot from the play, it loosens up the defense by getting your motion started with an immediate ball reversal.    Our goal is to get a lay up or a great shot out of the quick hitter or utilize the action to get the ball entered and flow into our motion.  
The play starts from a 5 out formation. 4 cuts to the high post getting into position to set a screen.  5 starts cutting to opposite wing.  2 starts moving to opposite corner.  
Frame 1
2 continues their cut to the corner.   5 cuts to the right wing brushing off the screen from 4.   1 passes to 5. It's important for 5 to catch the ball at free throw line extended or below... for good spacing.
Frame 2
4 sets a UCLA (back screen) for 1.  1 makes a direct cut off the screen looking for a lay up.
Frame 3
1 pops to the short corner.  4 sets a ball screen.  5 uses the ball screen attacking the middle.   5 can look to turn the corner for a lay up, hit 4 rolling to the basket, or make the pass to 3. If not shots are available, the pass to 2 or 3 is almost always open.  This extra pass can give you a better angle to hit 4 rolling into the post area. Or allows you to continue 5 out motion offense. Ideally you practice flowing into your motion so there's no stopping or pausing the action.
Frame 4


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