Gun: An End Of The Game Play

Gun is a play that former Indiana Fever head coach Lin Dunn liked to run at the end of the game when they were down by one score. The play is an excellent option as a secondary break play after a made or missed basket/ free throw. It can also be used out of a half court set like 1-4 high or a four-down set.   What makes it such an effective play is that it can be run on either side of the floor and has multiple options. Additionally, the play can be run against man or zone.
Secondary Break Players 2 and 3 get out wide and run to the three-point line(below the free throw line extended, for spacing purposes). Player 5 runs to the rim and then cuts to the mid-post (strong or ball-side). Player 1 has the choice of either dribbling up the right or left side of the court; though not down the middle. (The play will be run on the right side in this situation). Player 4 is the trailer and sets up at the top of the circle beyond the three-point arc.
Frame 1
Ball side wing steps up and sets a ball-screen for 1, who drives off the screen by 2. Following the ball screen, 4 moves into position to set a cross screen for 2.  
Frame 2
As 1 drives off the wing's screen, 2 curls wide off of 4's cross screen to the three-point line.
Frame 3
1 has the choice to drive baseline, dump the ball down to 5 in the post, or kick it out to 2 for a three-point attempt.
Frame 4
If 2 receives the pass, he/she can shoot, drive or pass to 5, in a high-low scenario. 5 also can duck in and seal defender after ball is kicked to 2.
Frame 5
If 5 receives the pass, he/she can shoot or kick it out to 1, who is coming off a pin-down screen by 4.
Frame 6
Half Court 1-4 High Set You can run the same play in the half-court using the 1-4 high set. The only difference is as 1 dribbles toward 2, 4 pops out to the top of the key. 5 would drop down into low post. 
Frame 7
Half Court 1-4 Low Set When using a four-down set, the wing on the opposite side of the floor would pop up along the three-point line. 4 would cut up to the top of the circle. 5 would stay in the low-post. 3 could mill around the baseline to keep the defense spread before cutting up to around the free throw line extended (outside the three-point line).
Frame 8
Notes: 1,2,3 should be able to shoot off the pass as well as get to the bucket and also be able to handle the ball.


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Gabe Jauregui says:
1/26/2016 at 11:49:19 AM

This is a great secondary option. We run the Triangle, and this would be a nice option to add to our system to be able to come down and get a quick 3 for our wing.


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