Gardow Drill

The Gardow Drill enhances the ability to take a number of different shots off of the sweep action. This drill utilizes the Sweep Stick training aid to help players rip the ball low (below their knees) and reduce turnovers. 
Each shot should start with a pass from the Passer/Coach. The Passer/Coach is also the rebounder. After each rep, the Shooter should sprint back to the top of the key ready to catch the next pass.  Step 1: One Dribble Pull-Up at Cone  Sweep the ball from inside-out and attack the cone. At the cone, pull-up and take a shot. Shoot to both right and to the left.
Frame 1
Step 2: Two-Dribble Pull-Up Past the Cone  Sweep the ball and attack two dribbles to a pull-up. Shoot to both the left and right. Plant on inside foot when shooting.
Frame 2
Step 3: One-Dribble Shot-Fake & Pull Up  Sweep the ball inside-out. Attack the cone and plant on inside foot. Shot fake from chin to forehead. Shoot the ball. Shoot to both the left and right.  **Passer should close out on the shooter and slightly jump at the shot fake.
Frame 3
Step 4: Straight Line Drives  Sweep the ball from inside-out. Attack the basket on a straight line inside the cones. Finish at the basket over the passer/coach through contact. Attack to both the left and right.
Frame 4
Coaching points: 1. "Catch on 2"...this means to land on two feet when catching the ball. This allows the player to utilize both pivot feet. 2. Use a strong-side step or a cross-over step to initiate the attack off the dribble. Be heavy on your pivot foot to avoid traveling. 3. Attack directly at the cone. Try not to bow out to the side. 4. Plant on inside foot for all pull-ups. To learn how to use the sweep stick, watch one of the following videos: Sweep Stick - Youth Progression Sweep Stick - Advanced Player Progression Purchase the Sweep Stick used in the video


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