Star Close Out

This drill works on several components, sprinting to a close out, contesting the shot, blocking out and the push step.
  • Players are on the baseline; X1 is the first in line and will start on the whistle.
  • On the whistle, X1 will sprint to close out on the first cone on the baseline.
  • After contesting the shot and shouting, “shot!” X1 will box out on the cone, then quick turn inside and push step back underneath the basket.
  • Once under the basket again, the defender will sprint to the next cone and repeat the process.
  • As that defender sprints to cone 2, the next defender in line sprints for cone 1 and starts the same progression.
Frame 1
Points of Emphasis:
  • Make sure we are sprinting all out before beginning to chop our feet and getting our butt down and weight back on the close out. Both hands up. Staying down.
  • Watch to make sure your players are keeping their hands high as they box out. Hands down low on the box out make it easy for the opponent to reach over and maybe get a hand on the ball or a tap out. Hands high, flippers out (elbows extended). 


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Bill says:
11/4/2015 at 8:01:34 PM

Excellent drill


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