2 On 2 Drill

This drill will work on the way we handle our positioning in 1 pass away and 2 pass away situations.
  • 1 has the ball, 2 and 3 are on the wing. X2 and X3, the defenders, are halfway between their player and the ball in help position, ready to help stop penetration.
  • As 1 passes to 2, X2 closes out and X3 sprints to help side.
  • When 2 passes back to 1, both defenders recover to denying position, halfway up the line and just off the line.
  • If 1 tries to penetrate, the defender will need to show help and recover.
Frame 1
Points of Emphasis
  • We play “up the line, off the line” when we are playing straight up man to man defense. We draw an imaginary line for our players from the ball to the player and ask them to come halfway up the line, and put their front foot and top hand on the line to take away the passing angle. The exception would be going “hip pocket” to stay with a talented shooter.
  • When the ball is moving east-west, Help should quickly “stun and recover”. It’s staying low and taking a lunge forward to stop the ball and put it on an east-west path. It’s a quick explosive move. If you stun and the offensive player continues north-south, you’re going to need to open up and seal the seam.
  • Anticipate and move on the pass, not on the catch. 


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