Triangle Pass and Cut Drill

This is a great multi-purpose drill that takes a piece of your offense (pass and cut) and combines it with skill development.   The drill teaches players how to read the defense, face cut properly, and back cut properly.  It also improves passing, timing, and lay up skills.  
Instructions Set up with one player at top of key, one player at wing, and rest of players line up on the baseline.  First player in line has a ball and passes to 4.
Frame 1
1 closes out on defense.  4 passes to 5.  1 stays and 4 reads the defense by making a face cut. 5 passes back to 4.  4 shoots the lay up and goes to the end of the line.  
Frame 2
The next player in line (2) rebounds the ball, passes to the wing (to player 5) and closes out.  
Frame 3
5 passes to 1.  5 reads the defense and makes a face cut toward the basket. 1 passes back to 5 and 5 makes a lay up.   The process then repeats.  
Frame 4
Progressions You can also work on backdoor cuts using this same drill.  Here are progressions you can use: 1) Face cuts on right wing 2) Backdoor cuts on right wing 3) Face cuts on left wing 4) Backdoor cuts on left wing Points of Emphasis 1) Cut hard all the way to the basket. 2) Passes should be on time so cutter can catch in stride and finish. 3) Keep good spacing.  Sometimes players will drift closer together.  Make sure to go back to the correct starting points for good spacing.  To help with this you can use Shot Spotz to mark starting positions.  


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JJCoacher says:
9/30/2015 at 7:28:54 AM

Good drills but these guys are teaching really ugly catching and passing habits. The finishes at the basket are terrible too. Emphasis on footwork and balance is non-existent in this practice.


Ed Wallace says:
8/20/2015 at 9:01:07 PM

Very bad Coaching


Robert Capen says:
8/20/2015 at 5:32:44 PM

Will use this drill with my JV team in the Fall. We use a lot of 5 man open post action in our offense. Thank you for this very nice drill.

Robert Capen
JV Basketball Coacj
Saint Francis Prep


Coach Mac says:
8/19/2015 at 12:33:08 PM

Love this drill. I try to force my young kids to look for bounce pass first on all basket cuts.


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