British Bulldog

This fun twist on a classic game creates a competitive game where players must use strategy and teamwork in order to succeed. It works on trapping, dribbling and court awareness. Additionally, this improves athletic development.  You have to be elusive, change directions quickly, accelerate quickly, sprint, and create separation from the defenders. This is vital for basketball.  If you're not elusive and you can't create separation, this means... There is chaos for the ball handler. There will be more turnovers via 5-second calls, tipped passes, and errant, rushed passes that are intercepted. If your players without the ball can't get open, there won't be many open shots. Even though, this drill was meant for youth basketball, I would highly consider it at the end of a warm up for high school and college players as well.  It preps them physically.  And neurologically, it wakes up their mind and gets them ready to be reactive for practices and games.
Instructions Designate two players as bulldogs (x1 & x2 in diagram). All other players have 10 seconds to dribble past half court. The bulldogs are trying to knock the balls out of the hands of the other players. If a player has the ball stolen from them, he/she becomes a bulldog.
Frame 1
  • Condense the space. 
  • Give the players flags and the bulldogs must steal the flags instead of the ball. 
  • Make the bulldogs dribble as well.


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