Score More By Adding A Change To Your Flare Screen

By Mark Brase

Love Of Flares

Coaches have long had a love affair of the flare... And for good reason- they WORK!

In motion offenses (or any offense for that matter) a GOOD flare screen is one of the best and most efficient ways at creating an open 3 attempt.

It is a great way to get a scorer open...

  • against an aggressive defense
  • against a sagging defense
  • against a zone defense

That is one of the reasons they are so effective, they work against almost any defense.

But what happens when the defense anticipates the flare screen and goes under the screening action?

Change It Up With The Change Cut

Motion offense master Matt Lewis has won a National Championship with his Flow Motion Offense and has dissected teams mercilessly with their flare screens.

In the video below, Coach Lewis shows how to change things up and use a Change Cut to effectively continue to get open 3's if teams decide to go underneath of your flare screens.

4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Change Cuts

  1. Player 3 (the screener) should communicate early that the defense is going under. They can do this by yelling "Under" or "Change" to indicate to their teammate that the screening angle will change and their teammate should use a Change Cut.

  2. Player 1 should make a Change Cut by making a small triangle figure as shown in the diagram.
  3. Player 1 should also have feet set, ready to catch and shoot.
  4. When player 1 catches the ball, there should be a straight line with them, the screener, the defender and the basket.

As Coach Lewis mentions, don't make a Change Cut every time, even if the player is going under. Occasionally continue to have either the screener or the player being screened for, make a basket cut to continually keep pressure on the rim.

By implementing the Change Cut with your flare screen action, you'll continue to get open 3's off of flares, no matter how they defend you!

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Want More?

Check out a ton of great screening actions and tips and much, much more in Flow Motion Offense with Matt Lewis!

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