Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter:
Put Some Zoom Action in Your Offense!

November 23rd, 2021

If you're looking for ways to create large gaps and a ton of indecision for the defense, the "Zoom Action" can do both! It can be used as a set play or infused into your motion offense.

A lot of NBA and college teams use the Zoom Action, but it is also easy to use from youth to high school levels...(Probably wouldn't use with teams under 12 years old, though).

In fact, my co-worker just told me how her son's 8th grade team got beat because of the opponent's Zoom Action. (She didn't know what to call it exactly...until she saw this video!)

To score more points, find out what Zoom Action is and all the offensive actions you can use it in, click below:

How to Add the Zoom Action Into Your Offense

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-Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball