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3 Moves to Improve Your Stepback Jumper

March 8th, 2022

Variations of the Stepback have been around for awhile...even Larry Bird pulled out something close to it once in a while. Michael Jordan had it in his arsenal.

But when did it really become an explosive step away from the defender, creating space for a shot?

Well, have you heard of Kiki Vandeweghe? He entered the NBA in 1980, but because he was only 6’8”, he was not tall enough to go up against the giant posts of that era, nor was he quick enough to consistently get around them. So he used his strength - his footwork - to get a more open look while shooting jumpers.

Vandewegh used his front foot to propel himself backwards, creating separation between himself and the defender.

This move was even called “The Kiki Move” for a time before being coined the “Stepback” that players like James Harden and Steph Curry have perfected and used to their scoring advantage

For advanced players who have already developed a great skill set, this can be a great additional weapon to add to your repertoire…

Marcus Hall takes you through 3 Stepbacks in the video to show you how to use footwork, timing, pick-up, hand placement, and balance to make that important space and to get away from blockers.

3 Moves to Improve Your Stepback Jumper

Warning: If you can’t make 7 or 8 shots out of 10 unguarded off the catch, off the dribble, or execute basic game-like cuts... you definitely should master those things first! This is definitely for players who have mastered the foundational skills first.


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- Joe Haefner
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