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Coaching Strategies From 1000 Win Coach

February 25th, 2022


We’re excited to share this with you today:

  • 1000 Wins for Boys Coach - and What We Can Learn From Him (NEW article) - Offensive & Defensive Strategies, Youth Basketball, Practices, and More...Coaching tips for all of us!

  • And This What He Encourages Players to Do - These are extra things players can do to improve their skills



Winning Strategies from Veteran Coach with 1000+ Wins…and Counting

Here’s some wise coaching advice and strategies from Jerry Petitgoue of Cuba City, Wisconsin...who just reached his 1000th win, making him the only coach in Wisconsin to do so!

He's 81 years old and still going strong...and winning!

Here are some highlights of the article:

  • Youth Basketball: 3 Tips For Creating Flourishing Youth Programs

  • The Offensive Mentality That Created 93 Points With Only 2 3-Pointers

  • Defense: Why Coach Petitgoue Teaches 4 Defenses (And What They Are)

  • How Baylor & Texas Tech Influenced Their Main Defense

  • Practice Schedule: 5 Things In Every Practice and When To Adjust Your Practice

  • 3 Things to Focus on When Scouting Opponents

  • Advice to New Coaches

Check it all out here:

Winning Strategies from Veteran High School Basketball Coach with 1000+ Wins!


Petitgoue Also Emphasizes These 2 Things for Players

Coach Petitgoue also believes that if you're going to be good at this game, you have to put some time in on it. You just can't drop the ball in March and then pick it up back in November.

So he advises his players to play summer ball (7th grade and older) and attend camps, which has helped create his winning program!

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