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Guards AND Posts Should Learn These 9 Post Moves

January 25th, 2022

This week we have a video & an announcement for you...

  • The 9 Best Post Moves to Score in the Paint (for guards and posts alike) - NEW YouTube video

  • Exciting Announcement About NEW Youth Coaching System - Coaching youth basketball players is about to become easier, more efficient, and more effective - High school coaches will appreciate it, too!

  • Camp News - 15 New Locations Recently Added

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9 Moves to Score in the Paint (for Guards and Posts)

This video will give you all the ins and outs on how to dominate around the basket with highly effective post moves.

I believe every single player should be practicing post play...

Even if you're a guard, you can use these moves to score at will against a weaker post defender.

Take a look at our new post moves video:

9 Best Basketball Moves to Score in the Paint (Guard & Post Moves)

Exciting Announcement - NEW Youth Coaching System

A brand-new comprehensive Youth Coaching System will be ready TOMORROW!

★Practice Plans, Offense, Defense, Skill Development...just to name a FEW components!

★More details tomorrow!

Camp News - 15 New Locations

Just a quick mention...we just added 15 more camps!

If you register now, you can take advantage of the early-bird discount.

View the camp schedule here


- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball