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PostPosted: 15 Sep 2012, 08:23 

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This is my situation:

Quebec, Canada, high School 2nd division

My starting FIVE:

I Got 4 super athletic guards (freshly arrived from Burundi, Africa). The tallest being 5'6''. They are super fast, they show a lot of quickness and agility for passing and stealing.

Then I Got a 6'6'' forward that is one of the biggest prospect in Canada for the class of 2017.

i dont have any other forwards! my other players are average players... the tallest is maybe 6'0''.

The Question is:

What kind of OFFENSE and DEFENSE would you choose with these kind of players???

thanks in advance to all coaches, you heldped me a lot in the past!

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2012, 08:47 
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Coach -

This team looks a lot like some of the teams I had... except my guards weren't super athletic... they were smart, could read defenses and could shoot it.

I would think of two ways to for offense... a 4 out and get the big kid in the middle - he has to play inside more than outside.... maybe you will have to bring him out at times just to make him happy....
OR you could run an Open Post offense and allow your quickness to eat up other defenders......but I would do a few things to get the 6'6 kid in the post.

Oh yeah - I would turn them loose and fast break as much as possible... ( I never did have a team like that on my varsity,,, one sophomore team I had was good at that. We ran a secondary break most of the other years until my last 8 years when I went to the Open Post. We were a ball control team thenl.

As for defense, we played m2m on/up the line and pressure a lot. We also had a 1-3-1 match up to confuse other teams and keep my players out of foul trouble.

IF you have any depth you can full court press 2m or just pressure, only you know IF they can stay out of foul trouble. I would love to have these problems... :-)

If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I would be glad to help you.

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2012, 09:06 

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thanks coach Sar

you are always a good source of informations and inspirations

Im a bit stressed about this season... Because I know that having a Team Canada U15 Player on my team... Im gonna have all eyes on me. ( we dont have a good basketball tradition in our school... for the last 15 years we've always been a 3rd division team and we never won anything. but.things are getting better since 2011: Thanks to immigration!)

I know i cant run M2M all game long...i dont even have fair bench players.. Im gonna have to work hard on ''not getting into foul trouble''. But as you said, im gonna vary but some zone to mix the other teams up. Sometimes, the other teams always have a M2M mentality, so its gonna be fun to mix things up.

Last year, i sometimes tried a kind of 3-1-1 defense . I put 3 guard aound the 3 point line always ready to trap the ball.. We did so many turnovers this way. But we really sucked at rebonds ( no center).

I really rely on my 6'6'' . Here is what Canadian Basketball said about him after the last Canadian U15 Finals:

His name is Jérome Desrosiers::

''Rebounding was an area that hurt Quebec because of the inactivity from the guards to go after it. QC only had 25 rebounds in the game and Ontario had 40 coming from all positions. The shot selection by QC was also an area of concern, shooting 4/21 from the three point line instead of driving or dropping it in the post to Jerome Desrosiers who had a solid outing with 18 points.''
''Desrosiers will likely take the #1 spot in the country for the class of 2017.''

So Coach Sar, as you said, i'm better get the guards to pass him the ball in the post!

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2012, 10:17 
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Thanks for the kind words coach -

One player doesn't make a team, it takes everyone to make a team better... right down to the last player! I always liked being the underdog....for awhile they looked past me.... but towards the end... no one did, darn it! They never knew what we were going to do.

If you are sold on your 3-1-1, thats fine, but IF you are looking for something a little different... you might take a look at my 1-3-1 match up.... one thing I changed was this... our center played their center m2m and everyone else rotated around him... kind of like a shell drill. Since you have no bench, I might take a serious look at this.

My computer got hacked and I lost a bunch of stuff... but I will find you something to look at in a minute.

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2012, 10:31 
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The first link is us playing a #8 rated team in the state at the time..... we handled them pretty well.... of course.. we shot a ton... We went 8 for 9 from the arc / 9 for 10 for the game. We went 20 of 25 from the FT line/ 14 oif 19 in the 4th qtr.
What great coaching huh? haha We look like a genius when the kids shoot well don't we!!

In the game you will see us play a lot of match up and mix in some m2m... they had a 6'10 kid that we pretty much took out of their game plan.,,,, by running the open post, we forced him to come out and play D at half court and I don't know too many 5s that want to do that. Enjoy the game, The first qtr was great... as was most of the 1st half... the 4th we went to the FT line a lot... it was like they went into their foul and hope we didn't make them very early. Let me know what you think.

The next link is to Coaches Clipboard where my match up is. If you have any questions you can ask away.

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2012, 19:36 

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hahah you are like me
I could coach the weakest team just to be the underdog ;)

You are so much in advance compared to Canada.

Your installations looks great... in here... we are in a poor montreal' suburb and we have to share our gymnasium with many other sports... We dont even have a real sport program. Almost every team in our division have basketball option so they have at least 8 hours of bball / week. In our school, we got no budget so only 4 hours/ week.

But the kids are so much into it! They play every night and every week end on the concrete courts.

OK lets go back to your game

I understand your way of running the 1-3-1 and i really might try when i'll face strong post opposition. We need to take the 5's out of the low post. Create openings

We will practice a lot more our shooting too. As you said: its fun to coach with high percentage shooters!

Your team could easily beat a top 10 school in our province !

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2012, 12:42 
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Good luck with whatever you decide.... the Match up is really hard to attack, IF you are running it right they aren't sure if its m2m or zone. The 5 plays their 5 m2m using man fundamentals.. if he is away from the ball, 5 is on the help line.. if he steps out... and can shoot the 3 ball, he goes with him, if he cant, he stays in and yells BALL so that everyone knows that he is covering him. Using that could keep your 6'6 kid in the paint area. We drew a lot of charges with that D because we were always in position to take them.

I am retired now, so my school doesn't have that type of player anymore. Not being able to practice very much is really tough, use it wisely. IF this is me, I have to protect the big kid and let my 4 gaurds play a ton of D. D would be my first priority, then my offense.

Maybe you can work them out on the outside courts a little bit? Put in inbound plays, sideline plays etc. ??Good luck!

Let us know how things are going.

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