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PostPosted: 26 Nov 2009, 11:02 

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Hi how are you. Please educate me in detail on traveling foul and pivot foot. If you could send me some diagrams, illustrations etc. for better assimilations, I'll be grateful. Regards.

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2009, 20:32 
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It is pretty simple. While holding the ball, in most cases you are allowed to move one foot. The foot that does not move is the pivot foot. Traveling occurs when you move your pivot foot while holding the ball.

When you are on the move, the ball must be out of your hand (dribble or pass) before your pivot foot leaves the floor.

On a shot,you can jump such that both feet leave the floor. The ball must be out of your hand before the pivot foot returns to the floor

Don Kelbick

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2009, 12:44 

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In addition to Coach Kelbick's comments which are accurate, please try and encourage your players to develop both feet as pivot feet on demand as required. Many players are only comfortable using 1 foot, their dominant foot. (We all have a dominant foot, just as we have a dominant hand)

EXAMPLE: my dominant foot is my left foot. It's the foot I pivot on most naturally. There are going to be countless court situations where pivoting on my RIGHT foot will be advantageous, and more competitive. So in practice, make sure your players alternate pivot feet (NOT ON THE SAME PLAY) so they can become fluent using either foot as a povot foot.

Coach Jim McGannon
My Basketball Basics

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2009, 11:54 

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In my opinion (and many others) traveling is the most misunderstood rule in the game. When I started coaching youth recreation ball I recognized to understand this rule and all the rules I should get the rule book. It is flat out necassary I believe to properly instruct youths. For our league (and most in the US) we use National Federation of State High School (NFHS, The rule book is $7 and some change. Another great resource to understand rules and how they are called is officials forums such as;f=11.

Here's a segment from "THE MOST MISUNDERSTOOD BASKETBALL RULES" by an official called Billy Mac, it is found in the NFHS officials forum:
"The traveling rule is one of the most misunderstood rules in basketball. To start a dribble, the ball must be released before the pivot foot is lifted. On a pass or a shot, the pivot foot may be lifted, but may not return to the floor before the ball is released. A player may slide on the floor while trying to secure a loose ball until that player’s momentum stops. At that point that player cannot attempt to get up or rollover. A player securing a ball while on the floor cannot attempt to stand up unless that player starts a dribble. A player in this situation may also pass, shoot, or request a timeout. If the player is flat on his or her back, that player may sit up without violating."

Hope the info is helpful,
Coach Steve

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