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PostPosted: 06 Mar 2015, 20:56 

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My kids is 11years old boy who loves to play basketball
He was not a starting member for last winter season and he lost his confidence from last spring season.
Anyway the most problem was he was not aggressive and not that fast ( I think he need to lose some weight but I don't think that means he is getting faster :))

I want him to rest from team basketball because he and i was kind of stressed out .
But he want to join another team and play basketball
but my opinion is that he can forget about basket ball for some time and running for his strength(?) and get personal training for spring and summer to improve his skills/

If he joins team and not a starting member, that doesn't help him improve

um... how do you think?

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2015, 07:35 

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Do not get caught up on starter or reserve. You can find the value of being on a team.

First thing is PRACTICE: How are practices for the team run? How does your son utilize the drills being done in practice? Does he practice at a high intensity? Does he make mistakes?

The only way to practice is with a high level of intensity. Drills need to be performed outside of his comfort zone. If he is performing skills well, but doing them at a slower speed (80% instead of 100%) then he will not be ready to perform those skills in a game.

Kids join teams to play games. But a majority of their improvement occurs during practice. Practice is where a player will get a high number of repetitions of a skill.

The second thing is that games are still important for player development. Not just the games, but the scrimmages. A player can have skills, but needs to have the instincts of knowing where and when to use them. Games and scrimmages develop this type of court awareness. That doesn't get achieved in individual training.

My final point would be that stress is brought on ones self. What is making it stressful? If it is because he wasn't starting, starters aren't the only ones who can improve through a team sport. Don't make that the priority.

Make improvement a priority instead.

Excelling is something every kid wants to do. But to make it the sole purpose of sport will also create stress at a young age. Instead try to find ways to make it fun. If he is having fun and playing hard, but relaxed, you may see that ability level go up as he reaches his comfort zone.

Just some thoughts.

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2015, 16:03 

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Brian has some excellent points about stress. It's always tough to hear parents and kids talk about stress in the same breath as basketball which is supposed to be fun. I'd also like to hear why it was stressful for you and your son.

Is this a recreational team we're talking about here? Were there tryouts for this team?

Brian is spot on about practice. If you really think about how many ball touches, shots and minutes an average individual player gets in a game, it's pretty minimal.

I say this all the time, but do you have access to getting him a few private lessons? Sometimes a one on one session with a coach can get a kid's confidence back.


PostPosted: 09 Mar 2015, 10:07 

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What does it ultimately matter if an 11 year old child was a starter or came off the bench in a basketball game? If that's important to you, then start your own team and make your child a starter for every single game.

Has your child asked his coach why he's not a starter and if there are things he can do to become better and increase his chances of being a starter?

Maybe your child is skilled and the coach sees this, but he wants to bring him off the bench with the second unit so there is some strength and balance to the substitutions and rotations throughout the game.

Do you attend every practice to watch how your child is performing? Not just skills, but attitude, work ethic and teamwork. Is your child's attendance record at practice 100% or very close to it?

Plenty of factors go into determining starting lineups and player rotations.

Sorry for the rant and it is in no way a personal attack on the original poster. More a venting session, as this topic couldn't have come at a better time.

Carry on.

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2015, 21:34 

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Thanks for all your answers
I don't think I expressed my opinion well due to my English
(I think not a starting member means playing time is I wrote lke that..^^)
I didn't have time to add my kid's skill and situation like that.
Actually I wasn't stressed not just because he wasn't starting member but because his skills and lack of enthusiasm.

I didn't need to ask because I already knew his skills, speed, and so on. Also I know he is good at shooting and defence.
Once again I wasn't upset because he's not a starting member. don't misunderstand me.

Maybe I just wanted talk something I experienced before but it has nothing with my question.
My kid played only little time and last 1min last spring season. and I found the coach was teaching only several starting kids in practice. I don't go anymore.. anyway.

. I was stressed out because i can notice my kids skill, and as a mom i don't have much knowledge or something.
He wants to play basketball for long time but I don;t think he can to unless more practice and more enthusiasm. So I wanted to know which way is more effective for him. I think joining the team and personal training is the best way but I should choose one. so I asked..

Thanks again.

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2015, 22:03 

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jk -

That makes more sense and thank you for letting us know about the English. You did a good job with the English.

jk3032 wrote:
My kids is 11years old boy who loves to play basketball
He is only 11 so there is plenty of time for him to learn and grow. The most important part is that he loves to play basketball. Let him play and don't worry. Encourage him. Tell him you enjoy watching him play and don't worry about how much playing time he is getting. If he is having fun that is what is important.

You can start to worry and get more stress when he gets a girlfriend. Don't worry about basketball.


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