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PostPosted: 11 Dec 2014, 17:42 

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Hi Coach

The only issue I have is have my 3 man playing the Safety while my 5 and 4 are up in the press. I have concerns about rebounding because my team is a weak rebounding team. I am afraid that yes the opponent will take quick shots but will get rebounds from me because my guards are in the back of the press.

Can I put my 5 in the back as safety but keep my 4 up front on the ball. Then do Run and Jump and Cut and Double but not Run and Double because my 5 is slow but very tall? Will I get the same success or do you suggest like you said in your video putting the 5 on the ball and my 4 on the point guard?

Thank you for this great system. It's everything I been looking for.

Love your instruction!

Coach Ash

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PostPosted: 12 Dec 2014, 07:20 
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So far this year I have found that the bigs are usually back by the time the shot goes up because they are trained to sprint back in the press drills. Also, our 3 man usually has some size and is a decent athlete, and we find most often that he is the safety. We've been following what Coach Haske suggested and rebounding in transition hasn't been an issue for us yet.

The issue with putting 5 in back is he might not crash the offensive boards as hard because he is worried about getting back as safety on defense.

With that said, you should experiment to find out what works for you. There are pros and cons to everything.

I'm sure others have an opinion.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2014, 10:07 

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The four and five should be getting to the level of the. ball and be in position to rebound quick shots. I really like three in back because secondary traps become more important as the season goes on. This allows our three to be active in the back of the press. Every team can practice against the first trap it is usually the second trap that causes problems against better teams. Coach Haske

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2014, 15:16 

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Oh I see!

Thank you Jeff

Thank you Coach Haske!
Our season starts in January I will let you know how we do.

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