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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 16:40 

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Quickly wanted to thank Coach Haske for responding to the post about Middle School Basketball and this system. I'm hoping I can be a bit greedy and have him post for a second time in response to another question.

In the DVD there is a lot of emphasis on the press. I'm just wondering if Coach Haske or anyone else could quickly comment on what they find works best against this type of press or other presses?
What system do you run (1 up, 2 up, 3 up, 4 up)?
What do you typically emphasize players to do when trying to beat the press? Move it up the floor quickly? Avoid the danger areas? etc.

Again this is for a middle school team, so the simpler the better.

Our team almost always seems have a hard time against a team that presses us early in the season.


PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 16:58 

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Over the years nothing in particular has hurt us over and over. At times a great point guard who just goes has hurt us, but will answer with a gold press or trap them with our 2 and three. Some times giving it right back to inbounder who is sprinting through can get us. We will practice against that and usually our 2 will get to him, but we do practice against it. Before the game. We use a 1 up press offense which fs mirrored by our numbered break. Teams usually do not press us , but the ones the do we usually score a ton of points. Coach Haske

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2015, 09:47 

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I have only done a quick watch through once of the Uptempo DVD's and plan on going back through it in more depth, however the one thing I thought too after my initial viewing was how coach Haske handles breaking the press. He goes into good depth on how to implement his press as well as both his transition and half court offense but there was no mention of how to beat the various types of full court press. I would like to ask how he would attack his own press or how he would attack a man to man press. I'm not a very experienced coach but I do coach an AAU team made up of girls from our schools varsity team. They wanted to play more, so last year I basically just ran with the system the varsity coach was using but that really is not working and we struggled a lot against the press especially a man to man press.

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2015, 10:46 

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We use a one, up system. Our point guard is up, our 2 and 4 go to half, and our 5 runs deep, just like our break. Versus man you can give it to point guard and clear out, or attack to the next offensive payer and when their man comes off the pass to the offensive player who should come back the ball and then they attack to the basket or next offensive player and give it up when the defender leaves them. On any press, if my defender leaves me I should come back to the ball.. The positioning of our players opens up the court both deep and wide for the dribble or pass. If they deny our point we walk the point down the lane have 2 and 4 come back to receive the pass then back cut 1 for a 2 on 1 break with 5. We also have a 1 call where 2 and 4 break down hard, we walk 1 down almost the baseline and through the back door right to 1 for a 2 on 1 with our. 5. We call our press breakers, press offense, because we will always attack and try to score. Few teams press us and we usually score a ton of points if they do. You have to cach your kids to be aggressive and push to score off of any press. Coach Haske

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