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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2014, 19:34 

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We are planning on implementing the uptempo system this season. The high school is only three years old so we are young but willing. I will be coaching girls varsity. I need some clarification. You press every time after a made basket, but when you miss the basket what do you do? Do you sprint back and pick up in man to man or do you apply defensive pressure right away? Thanks

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 01:58 

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I will be implementing this as well.

As far as when to press. I am going to press off any made or out of bounds play. After a miss, it will depend on the team we are playing. If I notice that they are sloppy ball handlers or passers then I will give the green light to press off a miss on a short rebound.

A long rebound we go half court man to man.

Brad Stonecypher
Head Coach
Boys Basketball
Hydaburg City School District

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 03:40 

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Coach Brad, Thank You, That's what I was thinking and that's what we will do. I will let every one know how it goes. We have had three practices and 6 more before we play our first scrimmage.

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 07:31 
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We get in the press on any makes or dead ball situations. On misses and turnovers we're sprinting to get above the ball and match up in half court. We try to pick the ball up past half court if we can but it's just something players have to figure out on their own and they have to recognize if it's a "fix it" situation and/or advantage break for the opponent. In that case (advantage for opponent) they are obviously sprinting back and following rules explained in 4on4on4 drill.

Personally I haven't had to address this with 10th graders (although so far we have just scrimmaged). They just figure it out on their own. And they have done a good job picking up past half court and applying that constant pressure. Constant ball pressure helps a lot. And they have been trapping corners, baseline, etc... when the opponent takes their time and gets in bad spots.

Our first game is Tuesday so we'll see how things go then. It's a against a team that beat them by 20 last year so should be a good test for us to see where we are at.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 10:37 

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Coach We have not pressed after missed shots. Some teams do , but I have always gotten back into pressure man to man . Coach Haske

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2014, 00:06 

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jgelsmd wrote:
Keith lays it out pretty well in the DVDs. You probably need at least 10, for practices if nothing else. You develop your sub pattern based on your players... post for post, PG for PG, forwards for forwards, etc... every 3-4 minutes or when they seem to be getting tired, or fouls. We rarely subbed 5 at a time... usually 1 - 3 at a time.

The matchup press page on Coach's Clipboard is what we ran, and the 80-60-40 press breakers. We ran either 3-2 motion offense or 4-out depending on our post players. We had some set plays we would call. Tried Read and React for a couple seasons but Keith liked the 3-2 or 4-out better.

We played all m2m pressure defense... Dick Bennett style... no zones. All of our stuff is on Coach's Clipboard website, but I would get the DVDs!

Good luck,
Coach Gels

What adjustments would you suggest if one wants to run more 4 out than 3 out motion?

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