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PostPosted: 11 Apr 2018, 13:35 

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Hi team,

I love the scoring/stats app, and have gotten quite comfortable with it. In fact, in getting familiar, I've seen some great opportunities to improve the speed/experience, which I hereby humbly submit for your consideration - listed from highest to lowest priority from my perspective:

1) In the older AAU leagues, the substitutions happen fast and often, and there is no check-in at the table etc. It makes it almost impossible to keep up with who is on the floor. I've been forced to go to the process of quickly adding a player when they are involved in a play, and throwing any random player off the floor (may or may not be on the floor, don't have time to find out). Repeat. I don't care about playing time, which may impact how this is addressed. Anyway, here is my suggestion, and perhaps this could be an optional configuration: For the row of players that are in the game, allow that to be "scrolled" to the left with a swipe to quickly select any player on the team. Doing so could also move them to the top 5.

2) Use the teams colors to make it faster/easier to score. For example, for each row of players, have the buttons on the entire row colored to match the team's color. (I can't tell you how many time's I've picked the wrong #33 trying to go fast, and now I have an error I can't find). Even better, when you create a game, allow for setting the jersey colors specifically for that game and use those colors. Also, make sure white is one of the colors allowed, as that is used in 90% of the games. You could also color-code the bench tabs making it faster/safer to select a bench for subs.

3) Allow for configuration of the types of fouls you want to track. The list provided is long and many of them I don't care to track. I'd really just like Offensive, Defensive, and Technical. So the way it is now, I just don't track the type.

Thanks for such a great app!

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2018, 13:52 

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Glad you like the app and thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it.

Your suggestions:
1. I understand the issue and appreciate how hard it is to keep up with subs in youth games. Your suggestion certainly has some merit. We would have to consider a way to remove a player when one is added by scrolling because of playing time. We will add your suggestion to our request list and see if we can come up with a way to solve the problem. I can't make any promises if or when we might implement such an idea but we will consider it.

2. Your color suggestions make sense. I remember when we designed the app that we considered showing the colors as you suggested. I know one of the issues was that some colors wouldn't allow the numbers to be visible, but it seems like we should be able to come up with something. Again, we will add to our list and give it consideration.

3. As for types of fouls, not sure if we would do that, but again we will give it consideration.

Thanks for your feedback. We value it greatly.

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