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PostPosted: 02 Jun 2021, 11:11 

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Hey Coaches,

Just wondering, in the "tuck set to go", the video course says that "set" is always having the ball below your eyes, but I noticed that most NBA players like Steph Curry have a "set" where the ball is above the eye... (4:44)

**EDIT: I noticed even in the training course (breakthrough shooting system) for "Ball Pickup - 2 Dribbles" for example... --> --> The guy in the training brings the ball up "above" his eye....

I just spent a few months working on my shot and it seems like I'm also raising the ball above my eye for the "set" position, and I'm just really confused why in the course, it's teaching below the eye, and would like some clarifications on that...

Thanks a ton!

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2021, 12:51 
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Shooting terminology can be confusing because different presenters and coaches sometimes apply different meaning to the same words.

The most important thing it so find a consistent rhythm... regardless of your set point.

With "One Motion Shooting", players usually start with the ball in their shot pocket below their head (often times near the waist). Then almost all of them bring the ball up quickly and pause with their arms around 90 degrees (at this point the ball is above your head), then continue into their release. This "pause" at 90 deg can barely be noticed often times. But if you watch players like Steph Curry in slow motion, he pauses.

Other two piece shooters, bring the ball to the set point above their head and have a longer pause. Which is more noticeable to the naked eye because it's a longer pause. Michael Jordan, Klay Thompson are examples.

Either way, the path of the ball is the same. You start with the ball below your head, then move it up to a roughly 90 deg angle, and continue up. The only question is how long you pause with the ball above your head.

Both methods are proven to work. Either way, you need to find a good consistent rhythm, quick enough release to get the shot off, sufficient arc, and the ball needs to roll of the same fingers the same way every time. Consistent and repeatable mechanics are critical.

I suggest you find what is comfortable. If when shooting easy shots from 10-15 feet the ball goes straight, you have back spin, and so on.... then stick with that. You just need lots of reps.

Jeff Haefner

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