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PostPosted: 21 Mar 2012, 09:36 

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I stumbled onto a great warm-up drill that is customizable and helps players with footwork, timing and moving without the ball.

1. Coach is on the top of the key.
2. Players line up along the sideline, each with a ball and one by one, pass the ball to coach, move to a spot or do whatever the coach instructed, receive the pass, and execute (layup or shot).
3. Follow shot, rebound and line up on the other sideline to go again.

I'm sure a lot of coaches have done this warmup, but what I've done is add things like having a defender near the elbow:

A. Player cuts and runs up to defender, pressing them while calling for the ball, and then pop off to meet pass.
B. Shoot, if open or
C. Pump fake, single side dribble, shoot if defender's feet leave the ground while trying to block, or
D. Drive for a layup

I have the players try different ways to approach the defender, but the press (leaning up against them and calling for ball) is so important because what I notice with players at this level is that they tend to step away from the defender which makes Zone Defenses very difficult to break down. It forces the defender to actually defend, rather than be some kind of force field around the paint.

I've worked on teaching my players, all the basics to getting open, but most of them do not involve making contact with a defender and that's where a lot of the players struggle offensively, especially when facing a bigger opponent.

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