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PostPosted: 05 Oct 2010, 08:41 

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I've read some of the posts that others have put about wanting to get into coaching and I'm sorry to be follow suit, but I have the same dream... I really want to coach in college. I have graduated from college and am working in sales at a company that is new. I am happy I have a job but not happy in what I'm doing. I know something is missing and I don't feel fulfilled. I just don't know what to do to get started. I realize that coaching in college is ALL in who you know and sadly, I do not know anyone to help me. I was a good athlete in high school. I had my choice of whether or not I played basketball or football in college and I foolishly chose football because they offered me first. I just don't want to live my life thinking what could have been. I want to love what I\'m doing and I love coaching basketball. Please help me.

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2010, 20:51 
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College coaching might not be what you think it is. I did it for 27 years, 12 as a head coach and one of the things that I learned is that it has very little to do with what occurs between the lines. Recruiting and academic monitoring takes 95% of your time.

As with sales, coaching in college is all about making the correct contacts and organization. Your value as an assistant will be in you recruiting contacts and who you can bring in. As a head coach or administrative position (Grad Asst., Director of Ops, Video Coordinator, etc.) your value in in your organization and ability to administer over a program.

No one gets hired because of basketball knowledge. It is an extremely intense contact based business, loyalty is at a premium so coaches hire people that they know. Your ethics, morals and personal values are tested every day. To get a job you have to put yourself in a position where people who have access to jobs and are in a position to hire or give you recommendations get to know you. That means working summer camps where college coaches work or go to recruit. Coaching a high profile AAU programs where players are getting recruited, or a high school coach with recruitable players puts you in a position where coaches come to you.

Your current job might not hinder you as much as you think. I know Wall Street guys, CPAs and car salesman who have made the jump to coaching. I really think your first step is to approach a local college coach. Ask for advice and offer to volunteer. Different levels have different restrictions. It is difficult to volunteer at the Div. I level because of the rules. Offer to help with camp. Div II and III schools are always looking for people to help, especially in the office. If you can do that, it would be the best of all methods of breaking in.

Some things to think about as you make your decision. In 27 years of coaching, I moved 17 times to 8 different states. I missed my anniversary the first 11 years. The only reason I made the others is because the recruiting rules changed. I missed birthdays, my sister's wedding and friendships are transient because you are never in one place long enough to create deep ties. At the Div I level, 18 hour days are common and, when we were in season, I would say I slept in my office 2 days in every week.

There is an enormous amount of negativity, insecurity and fear in college coaching. For that reason, coaching in college truly must be a calling, it can't just be something you want to do. In my career, I have had 24 players who played for me go into coaching, so I would like to believe I had a positive effect on somebody. With all the problems and bad things that happen in this profession, there was never a day where I didn't want to go to work.

Don Kelbick

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