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PostPosted: 16 Jul 2014, 09:07 

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Do you have any creative ways to get more practice time? Maybe you just have an hour twice a week and want more.

PostPosted: 16 Jul 2014, 10:14 
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I don't know if this is creative but here are a few ideas that come to mind...

- plan ahead of time and structure practice as efficient as you can

- use multi purpose drills when you can so you work on several things at a time. you can work on rebounding, defense, and motion at the same time. almost every drill can double as a redounding drill. practice skills and offense at the same time, when you practice defense as a team, make sure you practice offense too. one coach watches defense the other watches offense.

- prioritize (focus on the critical few versus the trivial many). Decide what is important this year and realize there are things you won't be good at. What happens most often in a game? Try to make things that happen a lot a priority.

- give players homework and drills they can work on at home. maybe even show them how to practice footwork in their garage.

- warm up in the hall way before practice starts so you can start practicing immediately. if you can't warm up in the hall, use ballhandling drills (multi-task) to warm up. even better, if they let you, do ballhandling/warm up drills in the hallway before practice starts.

- make sure kids are there early with shoes on and ready. provide incentive for being ready on time.

- use pre-game warms up to practice skills, defense, shell, etc.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 16 Jul 2014, 11:46 

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Only having a one hour practice each week can be rough when you're trying to work on offenses, defenses, concepts, etc. Even if you could get more practice time, Jeff's suggestions are spot on.

A few quick ideas I've used in the past:

- If the weather's nice, find a park with courts and hold one on a Sat morning.

- Find a local church with an indoor court that might be willing to let you use once a week. Maybe your players could all volunteer to help the church with a project once a month in return.

- Talk with other coaches and see if they'd be willing to split the cost of a court. Agree with the other coach that you will use the court time to work on things in a scrimmage type setting. It's a great way to work on certain aspects of your game. If you want to beat a press, have the other team press you and vice versa. Stop the scrimmage and teach as you go along.

Hope that helps.


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