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PostPosted: 28 Jan 2019, 20:38 

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I coach middle school girls and right now we have a decent team/season. PG is strong and the small forward is decent but a bit of a ball hog who turns the ball over more than I’d like. We’re a smal school with no depth and no options. My 2guard is a good M2M player but she is terrible on offense. She loses the ball repeatedly and effectively cuts herself out of the offense. If the other team is running M2M it doesn’t matter but if the they are in a2/3 we can’t seem to get anything going.

I have tried running an overload play where the 2G sets a screen for the smal forward but she gets twisted up with her feet. We have a 1-3-1 play that swings at the bottom but that’s ineffective.

I feel like it’s the guards’ inability
up top to challenge the zone and make things happen. What can I do with a weak guard? Do I replace her, my 6th man is taller, still weak but taller and could get a pass out better? Do I move her out completely ?

I have tried everything and nothing works and every team picks up on her. Going up against a zone is a nightmare and it shouldn’t be with our outside shooting.

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 08:07 
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Without seeing them play and know your offense, it's hard to say. But here's some food for thought...

- Have the weak guard take a couple outside shots. Just try to get a piece of the rim. In most cases, the defense will come out a little bit if you act like you can shoot. Your guards need to be threats. Usually just taking one or two shots and being confident is all you need to do... unless the other team has a scouting report and intentionally leaves her wide open.

- Or put your sub in and have her shoot and be confident. Being a threat out there is important. When defenses sense weakness and they know the player won't shoot... that's when you run into problems because passing lanes go away, spacing gets messed up, and turnovers happen. Make sure the guards are in triple threat and an attacking stance... even if they don't shoot... the defense needs to think they are a threat... being low in attack mode and looking in the direction of the basket is the type of body language you want this player to have.

- Try a 5 out pass and cut... cutters stops in middle in a gap for 3-5 seconds or until next pass. Other players fill to the ball and create good passing angles (sometimes requires you to pop out or flash into a gap). This movement might confuse the defense a little more and make it harder take advantage of weak players. The cutting action usually makes it easier to pass the ball around because it pulls the top guards into the middle.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 10:02 

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This is exactly what is happening. We are fine when a team plays M2M but if they runs 2/3 or box and 1 we struggle and we shouldn’t. It’s infuriating.

Other than having a screen set so my PG goes down to the wing and the weak guard pops up and run plays that way? I have nothing.

Also any really good drills for weak guards who are terrified?

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