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PostPosted: 15 Apr 2010, 08:37 

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I need your advise on the followings offensive set plays which are the most effective against opponents who uses:
1)2-3 zone defense
2)3-2 zone defense
3)man to man defense.

Also, I have a lot of good perimeter shooters and fast players on my team but my low post players are not that strong, so what set plays on offense and defense would be most effective for teams like mine? In another words my players are smaller physically compared to other teams. Competitions are coming up soon and we are training hard now and I would appreciate very much for your advice. I must thank you all for all your dedicated teachings which have benefited our team greatly and especially the young ones that we are coaching right now. I have been asked to become head coach for Basketball development in East Malaysia and I am not sure whether I am up to it. My coaching credentials are only at level 2 and I have been trying to get a world recognized certification to give me more confidence and also seriously pursue my career in basketball coaching. I have tried American coaching academy but unfortunately they are full for now and i have put up for priority waiting list. However I would seriously like to acquire a certificate from you all before I confidently take up the task to develop Basketball in my country. I know i am good enough and especially dedicated enough for the job but a certification from professionals like you all would shut out all doubts from other peers. This is how it works in my country where good coaching or dedications is not enough. My appointment as head of basketball development dateline is on the 24th April, 2010 and would appreciate your assistance to obtain what you think would be appropriate. I am ready for a test or examination to prove my credibility as a basketball coach if necessary.
Thank you sirs and anxiously awaits your reply.

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2010, 14:21 
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If you look on the left side here... by OFFENSE.. there are some offenses for man and zones.

What age group are you talking about?

The best way to beat zones is to get the ball down the floor quickly before they set up. Jeff and Joe asked me about attacking zones... here are some of the things we tried to do.

1- ( a college coach said this at one clinic ) PUT EM WHERE THEY AINT

2- Screen the zone

3- Attack Seams (force two defenders to cover the ball... at least move towards it)

4- Skip Passes

5- Utilize the short corner

6- Run someone behind the zone - keeps the D turning their heads

7- Get the ball inside forcing the zone to collapse

8- Hi Low attack can be hard to defend

9 - Overload.... it almost forces the D to match up (m2m?)

10- Fast break and attack the zone before it has a chance to set up.

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2010, 11:16 
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Good list, Coach Sar!

The only thing I would add to the list would be:

1. Pass Fakes - great for shifting the zone and freeing up shooters.

2. Utilize weakside cutters - this goes along with getting behind the zone. Sending cutters from to the ballside from behind the zone (where they are out of defenders' line of vision) is very effective

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PostPosted: 16 Apr 2010, 13:44 
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Good catch Josh.... thanks for reminding me of this too.................. pass fakes as you say.... but instead of a complete reversal.... fake that pass and go back to the wing that passed it to the point..... think about it this way.... If you just catch it from the wing and reverse the ball... the D just keeps it feet moving.... IF you go back to the original wing.... the D has to stop its feet and recover.

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2010, 01:57 

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I have a couple simple yet effective man 2 man offensive sets. We use them for an intial quick look at a basket then work into our motion. Send me an email to my home and I can send it to you in PDF form.

Remind me which one you want: #1 CROSS & #2 BACK.

Also depending on the age, {now coaching U14 Boys Regional Team, in which we have 5 weeks of prep before Jamboree} I am using the two above sets and will use a motion offence with four very simple rules. Make a pass - cut through a lane to the basket and (if you didn't get the ball to score) go set a pick for another player lastly 3 outside touches before a post touch. We use a 4 out 1 in set for the motion.

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