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PostPosted: 31 Dec 2009, 12:20 

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I read about “horns up” and “NY screen” on your website, could you plz advise how/where can I get more info on those?

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2010, 17:07 
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Those are terms that are specific to a particular action on a particular play and the terminology is more or less specific to the team that used it. You might recognize them by other names

The "horns up" cut was run by Larry Brown to free Allan Iverson when they were together with the Philadelphia 76ers. With the ball on top, Iverson set in a corner with another perimeter player in the other corner. A wide stagger screen was set on top toward Iverson's side. The other perimeter player would cut along the baseline and Iverson would come over the top. The ball was delivered to Iverson, on the run at the top of the key. The result of the action was that Iverson would get the ball with an entire side open so he could work.

The New York Cut is a vertical screen on the perimeter that brings a player from the corner to the block and then off the screen to receive the ball in an area where they can operate. The terminology comes from Mike D'Antoni's Phoenix Suns.

Don't get caught up with the names. Actions are usually named, either by the person who developed it or where he stole it from. Sometimes it comes from scouting where a team will run an action and that action is the termed for that team. The same action often has other names based with other teams or coaches.

Don Kelbick

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2010, 00:44 

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Thank you very much for your kind clarification...

I have some more questions and hope you have time to explain those for me as well.

- What's the "hat pick and roll"?
- What's the advantage of elbow P/R comparing to side P/R? and Nail to high P/r?

All the best,


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