Surviving a trapping full court press?
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Author:  afjhalkhantujhigand [ 24 Apr 2020, 01:37 ]
Post subject:  Surviving a trapping full court press?

Long time no talk
I have a question concerning breaking a trapping, what looked to be a zone press. I'm coaching 11-12 year olds and last night we played a team whose players were smaller than most of our players, but thanks to their trapping press we almost lost. We have worked this year on breaking a m2m press and have been very successful with a 3 across quick pass up the court style. But last night, the team we played allowed the ball to come in and then doubled teamed the dribbler. (We have also worked extensively on backing up the dribble to create space and I was pleased to see the kids do that. However, most of the time the remaining offensive players had a tendency to stand and watch rather than help.) Any drills we can do to help instill a press-break mentality? We usually only get 1 -2 hours a week and only get a half court on which to practice.

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