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PostPosted: 09 Jan 2018, 18:59 

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I'm coaching a team of 13-15 year olds in a local rec league, I have eight kids on the team of various abilities. On past teams, I've had an inbounds play that almost always worked, but we're struggling this season. Here are my issues:

1. We play some teams who play man and other team that play zone. The play I love is great against man, but not as good against a zone.
2. Because there's so much substitution going on (all the players are required to play at least half the game), we have different line-ups in the game at different times. Some of the line-ups can execute the inbounds play, and others lose their way.
3. We only have one practice per week, so it's difficult to spend a ton of time on this.

I've tried creating multiple inbounds plays to support the different line-ups, but the guys forget their roles and it becomes a mess.

Any recommendations? I love getting easy baskets off inbounds plays, and I hate to just throw in the towel on this.

Thanks for any input!


PostPosted: 10 Jan 2018, 15:56 
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We use 4 box plays that are pretty simple but effective.

1) The closest player to the ball and farthest player from the ball cut to the perimeter on the ball side. They end up in corner and wing on ball side. Then we set a diaganal up screen. The cutter goes weakside and screener rolls ball side. It's really simple and if executed right someone is always open. If they don't switch the cutter gets a lay up. If they switch the screen reverse pivots, seals like a box out, and drop to the basket for a lay up. If the corner defender cheats inside then we have a 3 pt shot in corner. This play works ok against zone but not great.

2) All 4 players pop out to perimeter. The furthest player calls for ball, holds hands up making it look like the ball is coming to them, then as the defender moves out they cut to the basket for lay up. If not open the other wing player cuts into space. You end up with 4 across and someone always open. This works ok against zone. Sometimes you get 3s or a catch in the seam near a block.

3) Traditional screen the screener. See play #4. We do not run this against zone.

4) Then we have a simple zone play. The top players at elbows cut to ball side. So you end up with corner and wing on ball side. Ball side post screens the center defender and opposite post cuts into the gap near the ball. You always have the post in the gap open or the corner player open.

Not sure if it's any simpler or more effective than what you do but that's what we run with our youth teams and even high school players.

Jeff Haefner

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