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PostPosted: 07 Mar 2017, 20:33 

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I am high school coach in Maine. Our staff is looking at the Blocker Mover to run next year. We have some guys who are athletes but we don't really want them handling the ball. Want to run up and down but also like the defined roles part of the offense.

Does this have to be a slow down offense? Does anyone at the high school level run this?

Thank you

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2017, 15:17 

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Blocker Mover, like with any offense, will get what you emphasize. When you see teams that want to "slow it down" run the offense, they will pass up early open outside looks and try to continue to work the ball for a higher percentage shot closer to the basket.

They demand that kind of patience in their offense, and they expect it in how they practice.

If you want to still have a little more run and gun with blocker mover, then you need to demand that in practice. If a person is open off first cut/first look, then you want them to shoot. If a person has an early opportunity to attack the rim, take it.

The offense does not necessarily dictate the tempo of the game, the decisions of the players running the offense do.

Blocker - Mover is run by many teams that favor a more patient style. If you want to be more up tempo, then you can still use the offense, as the system, set-up, and rules give good structure and flow. It is more based on shot selection and what you want out of an offensive possession.

That is just my opinion.

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2017, 18:34 

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I get that, I think it is the concepts that each role has to master to make it work make sense for our team. We have some bigs who will run and will screen and play inside. We don't want to them to shoot it or definitely handle it.

Anyone at high school level that runs this that you know?

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2019, 09:24 

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I know this is a 2-year old topic but I thought I'd weigh in.

We run the Virginia/ Delta State/Notre Dame version of Blocker-Mover (also called Pairs, Sides or Circle) and it has been very effective for us, no matter what type of personnel we have had.

When we first implemented the offense we did it because our talent level wasn't the best but we had to strong posts (blockers) who could set some really solid screens and we had 1 exceptionally good shooter and a PG who was really quick and was good out of pick & roll action. So initially, we did use it to slow games down and make sure our 2 best players (the shooter & the PG) had the ball in their hands most of the time.
We have had a much more talented group over the last 2 seasons and we run our Blocker-Mover with much more pace and our blockers are now players with much better offensive skill sets so we have used them within the offense much more.
The big difference is that our blockers are not back-to-the-basket players so we play a whole lot out of the short corner when we feed the post.

It is a great high school offense and the options and counters are almost endless. It has been a great offense for our program.

Thanks for reading.

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