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PostPosted: 24 Feb 2016, 10:15 

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First I'd like to thank the coaches for their help. I was having a hard time teaching motion offense to a couple of teams I've been coaching and the advice I received in greatly simplify it by continually focusing on spacing and good shots really made a difference! The kids have come a long way and are now moving and passing on their own for the most part. Much appreciated!

I'm currently coaching in a competitive YMCA league . My team is full of 13 and a couple of 14 year olds and we are heading into the playoffs where we will go up against older teams from other local YMCA's. My issue is that tho these kids are moving well I still am having difficulty getting them to screen more than one time and in particular get them to screen off the ball. I've resisted having set plays however am now thinking one or two very simple plays designed to have them screen, roll and pop would greatly help us as we will be going up against older, smarter players. So here's what I am interesting in learning for myself to pass on:

1. basic theory behind called plays (does that make sense?). I used to run plays myself previously without any real understanding exactly what I wanted to accomplish so the kids themselves were kind of going thru the motions

2. one or two simple plays I could call from our basic 5 out offense.

I'm not totally oblivious to why a certain play is called (get a certain shot or mismatch) however am wondering if any of you experienced coaches could help clear the clutter in my mind so that I can begin to make quicker decisions myself going forward... I hope I am making sense to you.

Anyway sorry for the run-on post but I would really appreciate any and all assistance.


PostPosted: 25 Feb 2016, 12:06 
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For me, I primarily run motion, and have a couple quick hitters to accomplish the following:

- get a great shot... lay up or post up with a good post player
- serve as an entry into our motion (if a team is applying tough pressure)
- kick start our motion with some simple action and a ball reversal

You can also create plays that are just scripted pieces of your motion to help kick start the motion and reinforce concepts from your motion.

Another reason for a called play is if it's the end of quarter or game and we need a quick shot. I have a couple End of Game Plays in my toolbox just in case.

If you're having trouble getting them to screen more than once, practice one pass away decision making. I want players to make a decision in zero seconds when one pass away. They should get open by:
- popping out (if the defense sags)
- face cutting (if the defense trails)
- screening away or back door cutting (if the defense denies)

This is basic fundamental offense of players making decisions based on the defense. There should be no standing. Here's a drill where we practice that decision making:

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2016, 10:54 

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Hey thanks a million Coach I very much appreciate it!. I held a practice two days ago and rereading your comment, I see that I basically did what you're suggesting. I kind of figured out what screen I wanted them to do after the first screen and made it into a quasi-set play. The unexpected result I got after having them run it most of the practice is that tho they didn't exactly run it as designed each time (which I really don't want anyway) they simply just started screening more away from the ball and looking to pass if they had the ball or receive a pass if they didn't. That's all I was essentially trying to accomplish without exactly knowing that myself!!!!

I see a lot of value in the video you posted also. It helped me to realize that an important aspect they're missing is how to read defenders and react to what they're doing. Right now I'm mostly seeing pop-outs and very little backdoor (if any) of basket cuts. We're a small team (no post players) with good shooters however we also have pretty good finishers around the basket that could benefit from backdoor cuts in particular. We really don't have enough time to practice however I'm definitely going to incorporate what your doing in the video in my next practice.

The idea of "zero time" to make a decision when one pass away makes perfect sense. Wish I had some of this info earlier in the season... actually I wish I would have known to even ask these questions earlier in the season the kids could have progressed much quicker - you live and you learn.

Thanks so much again for helping me out I really , really appreciate your time..

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