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PostPosted: 04 Nov 2014, 08:35 

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I read your thoughts on the triangle offense. I'm considering it for our high school boys program. We are a big school in Minnesota but haven't won in my first two years: 6-46. I'm coming from a small school in a nearby school district where we were 167-23 and placed 2nd once and third twice at the state tournament focusing on multiple pressure defenses and transition motion offense with the kids creating and playing basketball. We start practice a week from today. Should I not do the triangle offense?

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2014, 21:20 

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I guess the key question I always ask when someone looks at the offense is: What is your personnel? How smart are they?

The other key question I would ask is: What is getting you beat?

Do you feel that you are losing because you can't get shots and that your system isn't working?
Why isn't your system working? Is it because of personnel and lack of talent? Or is it because the talent you have doesn't fit what you are running.

If you are losing because of deficiencies in talent, then changing the offense won't do that much.
If you do not have a smart basketball team, I wouldn't try the triangle. It requires a lot of basketball sense, and there are a lot of different cuts and options to perfect. From the sounds of it, you do not have a lot of time to install this drastic system change.

If it is not the system that is getting you beat, but the skill level, then I honestly would do less and work on improving the skill more. Simplify what you do and streamline it, so you can spend more time teaching the necessary skills to be successful.

I'm sorry for a little of the meandering. I see a lot of "I used to run this and it worked. Now it doesn't work, should I change it?" type of questions always asked by coaches. Often times, it is not so easy as a change in system solving everything. If it were, there'd be a lot more coaches changing what they do year to year.

You have to assess your talent, what you are asking them to do, and what you'll ask them to do in the Triangle and ask yourself: Can they handle it?

Just my thoughts.

Brian Sass

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2014, 04:58 
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I have not run the triangle offense so I know little about it. But I do know this...

It's not what you run, it's how you run it.

I think every imaginable offense has won a state title (5 out, triangle called played, motion, slow down, fast break, flex, etc, etc).

As long as you believe in the offense and do a good job of teaching it, then it will probably be successful. So if you believe in the triangle, by all means make it work! You may have to tweak it based on your personnel, etc.

With offense, the most important things are (in this order):

1) Good players
2) Spacing
3) Ball movement in all directions (north, south, east, west) via dribble and/or pass

Pretty much all offenses are based on that. I use a free form motion with almost no structure where I constantly work on skill development, spacing, and ball movement. As often as I can, I let players figure out how to move the ball and get open on their own. I believe in this offense, it allows me to focus on player development, and it works for me.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2014, 05:01 
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PS. You could add "Player Movement" to that list. But I stopped emphasizing that because for us player movement is a byproduct of emphasizing ball movement. To pass the ball you need guys constantly moving and getting open. So I just emphasize the "ball movement" aspect and the rest works out

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2014, 08:14 
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Jeff & Brian have given you some good advice here..... the KEY is to do a great job of teaching the offense you want to run... AND you have to do a great job of selling it to your players. IF they don't believe in you, nothing will work, they might even go out of their way to make sure it DOESN'T work.

When you pick out an offense, look at your players and ask yourself.... IS THIS A GOOD FIT. I was a firm believer in the OPEN POST / PRINCETON STYLE of an offense. But there were some years that our passing and bball inteligence was terrible.... so I changed things.... YOU ARE OPEN? IS IT A SHOT YOU CAN MAKE? GO FOR IT The rules were simple.... IS IT SOMETHING YOU WORK ON IN PRACTICE? THEN I AM OK WITH IT...... IF you don't work on it or YOU CANT make the shot/move/pass you better wake up and make good choices. JMO

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2014, 13:29 

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Coach Ninham

I am curious with the success you had at CLB, why are you not considering running your Multiple Pressure Scramble Defense & Up tempo offense at your new school? I have run your defensive schemes in years past and have really found it effective.

Good luck this season!


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