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PostPosted: 03 Dec 2015, 18:57 

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I'm involved with the basketball program in the church league.

Our 9 and 10 year olds now have enough players to make two teams. The coach, who played women's college hoops and who coached last year, said she was dividing them up into the new players and the boys she had from last years team so they could play together again.

The result is that all the tallest and best players are on the team she coaches and the smaller, less experienced she has put together on the other team.
My opinion is that the teams should be equally divided by size and talent as the less experienced players will learn a lot from playing with kids who are better players.

Are there studies which would support my argument?
What is your opinion?

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2015, 13:28 

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I'm not sure there are studies per se, however, your logic sounds reasonable. I'm guessing you'd be coaching the "new team"?

Different leagues have different rules for forming teams. Most rec leagues I know allow friends to play together and parents can even request certain coaches. The result is that you can end up with really good teams and teams that struggle. To compensate, some leagues have different skill levels which helps bring parity to the leagues. So the A level might be bit more experienced and competitive, where the C league might be more development players. Teams of the same skill levels play against each other. Do all the teams in your church league play each other or are there diff skill levels?

Have you talked with this coach about mixing the teams up with your point about helping the new kids learn?


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