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PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 09:25 
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Here is something that I got from a friend of mine.... IF you are going to hhire a head coach or take on an assistant..... great thoughts here.

· VALUES-BASED DECISION MAKING Do I have to worry about the person following the rules and policies of the department, institution, conference or national governing body? Is the person honest? This person will be a role model for a large group of young people. Would I want my daughter or son or grandchildren under this person’s guidance? Would this person sacrifice an ideal for the sake of winning?

· COMPETENCY Does this person fully grasp the details and nuances of the area of responsibility for which they are being considered? Recognizing the importance of being organized, is there an understanding of sequence in meeting the required expectations? Does the person have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan?

· OTHERS Does the applicant have Integrity, a Positive Attitude, Self-Discipline, Strong Relationships, a desire to Grow and Balance in his/her life? Do they dress and groom well? Are they punctual? Does the applicant have a set of legitimate team rules? Is the person mentally and physically healthy? What are the applicant’s table manners like . . . can they handle a knife and fork and know what a napkin is all about? Will the person participate in department activities enthusiastically and support others in the department and on campus through attendance at their events/matches/games? Will the applicant assist in fund raising activities and events? Is there real passion in this person? Do they reflect Discipline, Attention to Detail, Commitment and Wisdom?

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