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PostPosted: 29 Oct 2014, 13:55 

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I'm curious how my fellow coaches here go about naming their offenses. I'm running a motion offense with my 5th grade girls. I think we're going to base out of 4out but I'm sure we'll also go to 5out at some point this season.

We'll be identifying positions by # (1-5). I was thinking of just naming our 4 out set "FOUR" and our 5out set "FIVE". In the past I've called our motion offense "PIRATE" after our school mascot. But with the potential of going between a couple different sets to run the same pass and cut motion offense, I wasn't sure how to handle the naming aspect this season.


PostPosted: 29 Oct 2014, 17:57 

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I used numbers for my offenses, defenses and presses. I went Peyton Manning style and shouted out numbers that meant nothing and something. In the end, I found that the whole number gig worked well when I wanted to throw in surprise presses (or call them off). The defense usually figured out my offensive scheme pretty quickly and adjusted.

I called out the offense when we were on defense and vice versa. If I wanted a press on a made basket, I called that out when we were coming down the floor or while shooting a free throw. My kids had number when we were surprised by a full court press that initiated our press breaker.


PostPosted: 29 Oct 2014, 18:06 
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I used numbers for our defense also..... KISS method here... use hand signals.
As for our offense and sets, I used hand signals Here are a couple of examples of plays we ran.... WISCONSIN .... 3 fingers up.... MICHIGAN .... 3 fingers down ... we had an isolation play... pointed to my eye.
We ran an open post offense... 22 was the call / both hands two fingers ..... name was DOUBLE UP.

Use your imagination here - like we had an inbounds play named PIN BALL... ... two fingers 1/ both hands like we were using the flippers.

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2018, 21:40 

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This last year we used College names and mascots to name each play. Man to Man offenses were named after Colleges (Nebraska, Creighton, Carolina) and Zone offenses were named after mascots (Charger, Hawkeye, Raider). This was very simple for my high school boys to understand and it kept things clear.

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