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PostPosted: 28 Feb 2010, 01:48 

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For several seasons now, I've worked hard with our kids on ball movement. I'm a firm believer in developing skills that may not be popular now, but will pay off as the kids get older. Ball movement and passing rank right up there. When our kids start taking wild shots or the passing isn't happening, we tell them five mandatory passes before you shoot (hasn't happened in a while because they've been moving the ball).

In our league, out of 11 teams, I'd say 3 of us set up some type of offense and move the ball looking for a high percentage shot. The other 8 teams seem to rely on attempted fastbreaks or one, maybe two passes, then take a shot. Kids are shooting 3 pointers when someone is wide open near the basket or driving to the basket even when the lanes are blocked. Those teams end up scoring though just because they take more shots than we do.

We end up winning games and I can tell the kids are starting to see what real basketball looks like, however, I see the need to let them take more shots. It's almost like I've ingrained passing in their brains so much, they'll have clear drive to the basket, take it, and then dish off at the last second.

As we've gotten closer to the tourney, I've been telling the kids to take the shot if they're open or drive to the basket when they can. I have a couple of kids that hear "shoot or drive everytime I get the ball". We've emphasized passing so much that I wonder if I can get them to transition into taking shots without losing the ball movement they've gotten quite good at.



PostPosted: 28 Feb 2010, 07:42 
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I might suggest running "situations" in practice... dictate what you want them to do. At this point going into the tourney, you want to formulate a game plan where your kids can be successful. IF the more controlled type of game is working for you, why would you change it? It seems like your kids have the right idea... get the ball to the open man and take good shots. YOU are teaching your kids how to play the game... passing, catching, moving the ball and taking good shots

I'm not so sure that number of shots you take is a better philosophy than the quality of those shots.... anybody can throw it up there... without much of a chance of scoring. I want a good shot taken, one that you have a good chance of making.

I have some friends at the high school level that like the up tempo game - press and dribble drive.... they were averaging 50 some points per game... taking 75+ shots. When I coached a more controlled type of game, we averaged 55+ a game shooting roughly 45+ shots.
A team that is good at controlling the tempo will take a fast paced team out of their game - JMO

PostPosted: 19 Jun 2010, 16:06 
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I've been reading this forum all day and I've read several posts by Coach Rob. First off, congratulations on a job well done. I've read about some of your successes and I'm envious.

I'm sure your season is over by now, but what I noticed in this thread was that your kids had a five pass rule and because they are kids, they overgeneralized and then you became concerned about them passing up good shots for the sake the five pass rule. Personally, I would have used a four pass rule, but that is besides my point. In basketball, you sometimes have to break the rules and when you do, you have to break them hard. For example, if you break the five pass rule and drive to the basket because you have a good oportunity after one or two passes, then you must commit yourself to breaking the rule hard. Don't break the rule half way by driving to the basket and then passing it off when you have the shot. You take the shot and score. I think your next task should have been teaching the kids when to break the five pass rule. My rule-breaker might have been something like, you can break the five pass rule if you can get a lay-up. Or, you can shoot the outside shot after an inside-outside pass.

Anyways, I think you get the point. It sounds like your kids had reached a level where they would have been ok with one or two rule breakers. How did your team do in the tournament?

I read in another thread that you are using a five out motion against zone defenses. I would love to hear more about that. Is there any way to send private messages on this forum? I would like to know the rules you used for your motion offense against those zones.

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2010, 08:29 
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Breaking the rule hard. I really like that. I was going to implement some pass counts to help improve team passing and that sounds like a great idea to use.

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