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PostPosted: 13 Jan 2012, 11:50 

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I'm having a very hard time getting my players to understand basic offense.
We have tried simple motion offense.
We have tried some simple pick and rolls
Even getting them to perform back door cuts in games as been a challenge.

They are 9 years old, but many of them have never played before.
So, even though they sometimes can understand the cencepts, they do not execute them in the games.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


PostPosted: 08 Feb 2012, 11:51 
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Welcome to the world of coaching... I've seen high school kids go brain dead at times.

These are young kids, try to keep it as simple as you can... 5 out motion, pass and cut - teach them a lot of fundamentals and then let them have fun. Your own words, some of them have never played before... they might as well be 1st graders.....

Teach them a simple pass and cut offense.... and stick with it... repititions are the only way they will learn and then they still might not run it right. They are young and inexperienced.... attention span is zero and when the game starts... its all out the window. :-)

What do we say about this game.... " It's a journey, not a destination. " So is TEACHING the game... this is their first step, kind of like a baby crawling..... one step at a time Mike and good luck.

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2012, 13:31 
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Yeah, if you figure out how to get 9 year olds to run good offense, please let us know!

If you can get them to maintain decent spacing (I have found putting tape on the floor for their spots does help), pass and cut, and just move around (don't stand), I think you're doing pretty well.

Don't dwell on doing things perfect. At some point you have to just let them play and give up control. Teach fundamentals, teach concepts, and they will slowly improve. It takes time!

It took me over two months to get 9th graders running decent offense. As it turns out our offense wasn't too bad, we just didn't have players that could shoot, score off the dribble, finish, etc, etc. However we just kept DRILLING fundamentals constantly. Now our offense is pretty darn good. Go figure.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2012, 09:21 

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When I first started training dogs I was told by my instructor. Knowledge is like rain dropping on their heads if it rains long enough it soaks in. I try to think of this when I am dealing with kids....and then the day comes when they do a cross over in a game....WOO HOOO!!! Thats what I am talking about!

I have been lucky to have had the pleasure of having a young scared shy girl become an outstanding high school player and go on to play college ball. I learned so much from my daughter growing up, patience is one of the things I have learned. And being a team player is one thing she excelled at. I missed the practices and the games, I missed seeing kids discover they can play, so I started again at the bottom, I started with 2nd graders and thank God I have the opportunity to experience this again while helping both kids and parents learn this awesome game.

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