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PostPosted: 23 Feb 2012, 14:32 

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My son is part of a rec league basketball team for 10 year olds. Most of the boys go to the same school and find themselves on the same baseball, soccer and other sport teams that they play on. My son is not the best player but more than holds his own, what he lacks in skill he more than makes up for in determination. There is this little clique of 4 to 5 boys that seem to get most of the coaches attention, private practices, always starting and finishing and other little irritating things. Its the same group of coaches in the different sports save some very appreciated exceptions. My wife does the score keeping for the games and started to notice that regardless of performance, it was the same boys that were being given to best opportunity to succeed at the expense of the others. BTW most of the clique of boys are the best players on the team, also play time is not an issue because of league rules. So a few games ago my wife started to record the offensive stats and had another parent, an assistant coach, record the other stats like rebounds, steals, turnovers and the like. I would then put the stats in a form that was readable and give them to the coaches and any parent that would want them by the next practice or at least before the next game. Lo and behold the stats showed that the little clique did not necessarily have all the best stats, that the other players were also contributing. The coaches and parents were positive at first saying things like "I didn't notice that" or "this lets us know what we need to work on" ect. Well one parent sent an email to the coaches, a parent of one of the boys in the clique, saying that the stats should be for coaches only, not for the parents, and that we were fudging the numbers. My wife and I are a little upset about this, so is the other parent who assisted in compiling the stats. Were we out of line to compile and and pass out the stats? Should this even be an issue? Quite honestly, this is getting old having deal with this little clique year after year. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2012, 17:55 
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Rick -

What you are describing is exactly what is wrong with Youth Sports today...... SOME parents are just out of bounds when it comes to their kids. This is a TEN YEAR OLD TEAM.... let the kids have fun... but you are going to find that there are good and bad coaches everywhere.... just like some of the parents in the stands.

Why don't you ask the parent or parrents that say you are fudging the stats to help you... give them a job. I take it her son isn't looking too good stat wise....

Is your son having fun? Is he learning the game?: Hopefully he will get better and possibly pass some of those other kids by. Everybody grows at a different rate, academically, athletically and personally. I've seen a lot of freshman come in that were not very good, only to become varsity starters... some all conference and darn good players, NOT to mention GOOD PEOPLE.

And yes, this should NOT be an issue.

Hang in there and as long as your son is having fun... bear with it. The only other choice you have is to find another place for him to play. Good luck on this.

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