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PostPosted: 20 Jun 2011, 08:14 

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Hello, I found your site doing a Google search on basketball tips, etc for my 17 year old son. He will be a senior this Fall. He LOVES basketball but is so shy and afraid of making mistakes and letting down his teammates/coaches and his dad. This has hurt him in the long run and his dad and I don't know what to do to help him!! He have tried several camps, but they just don't seem to help him. The past 2 years he has only made the JV high school basketball team and we know it is because he isn't aggressive enough on the court. He has been playing basketball since 7th grade and of all the coaches he has had, we just can't seem to get one that will take the time to work with him and help him overcome his fears of the basketball game (a sport he loves!!). I would love to see him make the best of his senior year of high school and make the varsity team and shock the heck out of his team mates as they have no confidence in him and very seldom pass the ball to him. My son, Devon, is 155 pounds and 6'2\" tall!! He has the height, etc, and I know he has the ability to be a fantastic basketball player. We see it, he just doesn't know how to apply it. Now it is just getting someone to help!! His coaches have given up on him also and he doesn't get to play much which is very hard on his self esteem on top of going through depression. He is enrolled in a summer basketball league and we thought that would benefit him greatly but it appears all the coaches care about is winning and concentrating on your best players. They keep their best players in at all times and we truly thought enrolling him in a summer league, with his own teammates, would give him the opportunity to play more and improve as it should be \"just for fun\" and also should be about helping out players improve BUT we have found that is not the case! So, I am asking for you help!! What can we do? I have signed up for the newsletters, and have downloaded the free ebooks but I need more suggestions! We are willing to do just about anything for our only child who loves this sport. I hope you can find the time to respond and offer any type of suggestions!! I look forward to reading your reply!!!!!!!

Thank you so much and your ebooks will be great to read! Hope to hear from you soon!!

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2011, 09:18 
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It seems like somewhere along the line someone was putting un realistic expectations on your son... ones he couldn't accomplish, at least not then. So now, he has little or no confidence in himself. He has to find someplace where he can play and have some fun.... and then maybe things will get better for him. Until he does that his chances are not very good.....
This is a difficult thing to accomplish in one summer and make the varsity team. If he is depressed and lacks self esteem I think he would do better for himself by playing in a park program where there is NO pressure and he can have FUN.
Why put more pressure on him at this point of high school life, its supposed to be fun, there is so much to do in their last year.... dances, proms etc.
Just my opinion.

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