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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2010, 08:49 

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My son is 8 years old and a unbelievable ball handler when it comes to drills. He literally wows coaches at camps with what he does. He loves dribbling, he dribbles all day always has a ball with him. I know he is young and things could change but the problem he has is in games he seems to overthink what he is doing and constantly picks up his dribble too soon. What can I work on with him to keep him from doing that. I told him that his superior dribbling skils are his best asset and once he picks the ball up he has lost the ability to use it. Any ideas how to help him out with this ? Thanks

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2010, 09:31 
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It sounds like he gets a little nervous when someone gets in his face defensively..... Time and playing will help a lot to overcome that. Did they teach him how to protect the ball when he is being defended while dribbling?

Rule of thumb for us, the closer the defender the lower the dribble..... turning slightly sideways with a forearm out slightly to protect the ball...keep your body & foeramr between the defender and the ball...... that should keep the defender from reaching in and deflecting the ball.

A dribblers best friend is a killer crossover.... have him practice this and once he gets good at it, those tough defenders will be standing there as he blows by them. He is young so be patient... right now he should be having FUN while learning the game. Do a search online - you tube crossover dribbling, you will see some amazing stuff. I thought Jeff and Joe had it on this site but I couldn't find it..... guys?

Let me know if this helps or if we can help you in any other way.

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2010, 10:08 
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Check these sites out... if the links don't come up, just type it in your browser.

Click here: YouTube - Michael Jordan teaching basketball-Crossover

YouTube - Killer Crossover Basketball Drill

YouTube - Allen Iverson Killer Crossover

Some of these might be too advanced but there are a lot of ideas here... and when your son gets comfortable with them.... he will be leaving the defender on the ground/

Back-up Dribble and Crossover
The back-up dribble is useful in retreating from a defender or a trap. Dribble backwards and then do a quick crossover dribble (or a through the legs dribble or around the back dribble) to get free. See video clip. This one is on Coaches Clipboard

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