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PostPosted: 15 Dec 2014, 21:45 

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This is a two part question first question is how do I work my way into helping on my son's 4th grade team or his teams in the future. Second is how do I approach my sons coach on the lack of fundamentals being taught.
We live in a fairly small town under 2200. I am not from around there I grew up 45 minutes away. My wife grew up one town over so she knows or knows of some of the people who are involved with the towns boys club 4th - 8th grade.
When we receive the email for sign up immediately sent an email stating that I would like to help coach not be the coach but help out at practice. We then received an email stating that our email has been forwarded to the 4th grade coach about a month went by and we did not hear anything and then we received another email stating that there was 16 boys signed up and when practice would start and who the four coaches would be. So I took my son to the first practice and waited around to it was over and then introduce myself to the head coach he then said that he did receive my email but they had already chosen for coaches. So I once again I let him know that if there was any time that he needed any help at all to let me know.

A couple things there are four coaches and three of them grew up in this town they also help with the boys club football team the other coach has an 8th grade middle school player and his wife is on the club's board.
The club split up the boys so there are 8 boys on each team. Very good idea.
The teams practice together twice a week for an hour and a half each time they practice but they have to share the gym the last half hour each time they practice with the 5th grade team.
On the first practice of the week there only two coaches there because the one son has games and the other one has to work.
My son plays on the head coaches team he gets plenty of playing time coach seems to like him and uses him a lot in special situations he's a little bit further advance skill wise and basketball IQ than the
Others on his team.

So I really have 0 problems with the head coach or the other coaches I just would like to help out and have tried to and don't know how to get my foot in the door to help out.

Second part of the question is how to approach him about the lack of skill and fundamental development. It is all sixteens boys first year of organized basketball. There is not a lot of development there is just set plays and lots of 5 on 5 scrimmaging full court at every practice. I can see the kids struggling at their games.Its like everything I have read in books and I've seen at other camps or have read on this site is being done the complete opposite .

What can I do any ideas to help coach or help coach in the future and also how to approach the head coach or one of the coaches about some of the ideas of where they can get ideas of youth basketball development.


PostPosted: 15 Dec 2014, 23:28 

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1) To help with your son's team, you could volunteer to run the clock or keep stats at the game. Offer to keep stats on the side for the coaches. If you have access to film the games, you could offer that. You don't want to come on too strong, but catch them when you feel it's appropriate and remind them you're available to help with drills or whatever they need.

2) With regards to approaching the coaches about their style of coaching, that's an extremely touchy subject. Unless they've asked for your input, most coaches I know would have a hard time receiving input from a parent. You're probably seeing the situation correctly, however, without a relationship with the coaches, it will be difficult to give them input.

You might have to settle for chilling a bit this first season, working with your son on the side and trying to develop a relationship with the coaches.


PostPosted: 16 Dec 2014, 10:26 
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This is a tough one. Very common but tough. Here are a few ideas to consider...

- Youth coaches are usually volunteers. If they get paid, it's very little. Even high school coaches make very little... with all the time they put in most are lucky to make $1 an hour.

- Most coaches coach the way they were coached and with what they see on TV. They do what they know. They have good intentions but often don't know any better and just teach what they know. I'm not condoning that... this is just the reality of things.

- You could develop a relationship with the coaches. Just be friends first. Show interest in them. Get to know them as people. Ask questions.

- Once you feel you have a good relationship, forward some emails or links from our site. Sometimes if they read an article, and think it's their own idea, it works much better. Coaches are often defensive when receiving advice from parents. So it usually works better if it's indirect.

- Ask for help. Once you have a little bit of a relationship built with the coach... ask for his help. Say... "Coach. I see my son has trouble with weak hand dribble and shooting, etc. What can be for him to improve in those areas? I notice other kids have a similar problem. It's hard to make him practice at home. Do you have any suggestions for this? Maybe there's some time during, before, or after practice for you to help them with these fundamentals?"

Those are just some thoughts and ideas. Hopefully they help a little.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2014, 20:02 

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Jeff and Coach Rob.

Thanks for a few ideas. I will work on my friendship making skills as I also work with my son on his basketball development skills.

PostPosted: 02 May 2016, 14:38 

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Great decision. Take it light this first season. Be friendly and easy going. When the coach sees that you are not a threat, he will be calling on you. When I say, "Threat", you said that you aren't from the area and are a newcomer of sorts. People are cautious with newcomers, especially when it comes to their coaching. You will be a great assistant when the time is right. Lots of Luck!

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