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PostPosted: 18 Jan 2010, 10:24 

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I do not have a student or player in sports, I do have friends and other family member that do. Here is my question. Why is it a student loses his captain spot, and has been benched for being on family vacation? It is his senior year and will be moving to college in Florida this spring. This was the last time my friends family was going to be together with every one,and the only time they could have it done. I have found with talking to others this is a common problem here. Is this a rule? please I enjoy going to the games and the students but I do not know all the rules so if you could help me I would be very thankful.

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2010, 12:55 

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Whether it is a rule or not would depend upon the coach. Many coaches as the high school level have a "no practice, no play" rule. This is especially true for "voluntary misses" like vacation. I assume the coach was clear up front with his rules so there should be no surprises for your friend.

Sounds harsh, but look at it from a different perspective. You have 14+ kids working for 5 starting spots, plus a couple of 6th man spots. Miss a little, miss a lot. It is very difficult to bring someone up to speed if they have missed a few practices. Why should someone get time off when everyone else is putting in the work? Why shouldn't there be consequenses?

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2010, 13:02 
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Sounds like this player may be YOU.

Either way...

This player must talk to the coach. Find out the reasons why and what his rules are. Player should ask "How can I earn my title of captain back?" What can I do to deserve to be reinstated?

Did the coach verbally communicate to the player that his/her
title of "Captain" was taken away or was it assumed to be taken away because of a reduction in playing time?

All coaches have different rules. I agree being with family is more important than basketball. Coaches usually want a week notice when a player is taking off substantial time.

I know it must sound unfair but this player may have to bust his butt to regain his title and playing time.

Talk to coach.....
Hang in there! Work hard!! Earn it back!!

Coach A

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2010, 14:09 
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I don't know about your team or your coach... but here is what my rules were. These were discussed in pre - season meetings with players and parents ... from the freshman level all the way to the varsity.

I wont go into all the rules, just the one that fits this situation.

Every player must attend all practices... IF you are going to miss, you must contact the coach of that level. We allow you to miss over the holidays IF you are a Freshman or Sophomore... after that... you may not miss any games or tournaments.
We would allow a miss if it were an emergency without any reprcussions.... vactions / trips do not fit into that category.

When you come back you start at the bottom of the depth chart.. and you can work your way up and back into a playing role - maybe starting again?

As a Senior that player and the parents were aware of the rules of the program. Remember, there are a lot of players on a Varsity team and they are all fighting for a starting role or playing time.. and the ones that stayed back and worked hard are deserving also.

In your case, I would hope that the head coach had discussed this will ALL his players on every level and communicated the rules of his program. AND - while family time is more important than basketball.... the coach has to do what is best for the program otherwise people will come and go as they please. That's a Park District Program. I'm sorry IF this is YOU but sometimes we have to decide what is more important to us.

Good luck, I hope you earn your spot back.

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2010, 06:58 

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Thank you so much. I don't know the game, but I can see there is more to it then what I thought. I will pass your comments on to my friend,and her family.
Karen Hansell
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PostPosted: 21 Jan 2010, 07:05 
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I'm glad that we could pass on some insight to you and your friend.

We wish her well.

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