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PostPosted: 15 Jul 2020, 12:03 

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I'm reaching out to all those parents out there. I need some guidance here, recently my 15 year old Son approach me and wants to quit basketball. Now I was never good at basketball but I was raised that when you decide to play a sport you stick with it. I don't want to raise my Son to be a quitter. Recently He joined an AAU basketball team and because of Covid-19 I have yet to see what He can do. I spoke with his coaches and they said He is doing well but when I ask him He tells me that the team is real good and He doesn't know how much playing time He will get. During this summer He is also taking summer school for extra credit and I can tell it is taking a toll on him so I decided to keep him out of basketball practice for the past two weeks so He can focus on his school work. I think He is just scared of the competition and is looking for excuses to stop playing or maybe the girlfriend is telling him that with basketball where does she fit in. I'm thinking that He should just stick it out for at least until the end of September and see where He is at. I just think once you quit on something it could become a pattern. Plus in a way it is a money situation I have already paid for his basketball uniform, shoes and basketball bag. I know in a way it is his choice. I don't want to be a bad parent but I just believe if you start something you got to finish what you start. Am I wrong in thinking this? Any advice on this forum would be greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: 15 Jul 2020, 18:53 
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I think it all depends on the situation. I will just say that with my kids, I always ask them if they want to go our for a "team" or sport for the season. It's up to them. If they say yes, they know they have to see the whole season through once they commit. There's no quiting. So every year I ask my kids... do you want to go out for XYZ? Then it's up to them.

With that said, I have always highly encouraged and in so many words tell them they need to be involved in at least one sport or extracurricular activity they are interested in. For them it has always been sport(s).

So I don't have a problem letting your son know he needs to finish the season and finish what he started. But it also depends a bit on you presented it to him.

Jeff Haefner

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