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PostPosted: 24 Oct 2018, 12:45 

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Good Day,
Currently my son is struggling with his shot. This issue is not only draining me as a parent, but I know that it is ruining my son's confidence and his passion for basketball. Over the past two years my son (14 years old) has been struggling with his shot. Prior to this he was a solid shooter, but for some reason he lost his confidence. I think it started because a teammate was making fun of the arc of the shot and a coach told him that he was throwing the ball. Needless to say he wouldn't take a shot and was afraid to shoot. About 6 month ago I started working with him and we started messing around with his shot. The mechanics were fine but he just couldn't seem to get past it. Then I asked him to see if he could shoot with his left hand instead of his right hand for the hell it. Instant success, was hitting over 50% of his jump shots, 80% of his free throws and he was finally able to hit some 3 pointers. He is able to hit layouts with his left and his right hand. His confidence went way up. Since we made the changes we have worked very hard and he has made a lot of progress.
Now for some reason, his new basketball coach is demanding that he switch back to his right hand. My son is a mess again. He can’t shoot with his left or his right, has no confidence in his shooting ability and doesn’t want to play anymore. I am at a loss. Do we switch back to the right hand? Do I tell the coach to leave it alone? What should I do?
Please Help

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2018, 16:46 
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I don't think there's one simple answer for this one. Sometimes you have to try several different tactics to see what works. Confidence can be a tricky thing in some cases. Here are ideas and resources to consider...

Point out that the best 3pt shooters in the world MISS more than the make shots. They ALL miss more than they make. It is OK to miss! Don't worry about it. Take good shots and when you're one, shoot the ball! You're gonna make some and you're gonna miss some -- and that is ok!

Don Kelbick is really good at teaching the mentality that missing is ok. His camp might be good for him.

Start charting shots when you practice. Over time you see proof... in black and white you are a good shooter! It's right there on paper.

I might talk to the coach and tell him the same thing you said here. The new coach probably doesn't realize that confidence is an issue and the history. I would approach the coach asking for "help" and his advice... rather than being critical. Coaches have egos, like it and have an open mind when getting asked advice. But when they sense criticism or complaints, some coach shut down.

As far as what hand to shoot with, I don't think it matters. Pick one and stick with it. Shooting is all about rhythm. Shoot the same way every time... same footwork, etc.

Good luck and hope this helps.

Jeff Haefner

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