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PostPosted: 22 Jan 2014, 12:25 

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HI coaches. You may or may not remember me and my son from last year. My son was on an elite "A"team, 6th grade and the coach made him sit on the bench the whole season.... just... because.

Well, fast forward to this season, son is on "B" team, select and LOVES LOVES LOVES it. He was actually playing fair amount of time. the coaches have weekly life lessons for the kids. Kids are great.

Son was running on play area at school in December, fractured his 5th metatarsal. Has been in a boot since. Got off of crutches last Wednesday January 15. My question to you is this.... when can he start actually playing again? The season is just about over. Last xray on the 15th showed that the fracture is healed. Doc wants boot on until next Wed. start weening him after school out of the boot. Walk with a shoe, go to YMCA and go in pool to walk, ride a bike at "Y". We are hoping that he will be able to do his first practice without the boot on Tuesday the 28th. What do you think? How much should he do. Has a tournament on Feb. 1st. Can he play? How long/much?

Any suggestions you can give, I would greatly appreciate. Any suggestions on exercises that he can do before starting up again? He is a Center and pretty big, 5'11" 185#.

Thanks for anything you might be able to give.

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2014, 12:40 

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I do remember you, great to hear that your son is playing on a team he enjoyed. Sorry to hear about the foot though, that had to be tough for him to sit out.

My advice is listen to the doc and ask them these same questions (which I'm sure you already have done). I'd be highly surprised if they don't give you a rehab program with guidelines on when they think he can return to playing full force. From my prior experience with injuries, a lot depends on how his foot feels as you go along in the next few weeks.


PostPosted: 22 Jan 2014, 12:49 
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Sorry to hear about his injury... thats hard on anybody, but on kids that age, its like trying to cage a wild tiger.

I agree with Rob - Listen to the doctor and follow his instructions.... don't rush his rehab. Doctors will err on the side of being safe but like Rob said, ask him for a rehab program to get him ready to play basketball.

IF you have any relationshiip with your high school coaches and their program... you might talk to their trainers and ask for some advice and they might even help him through some of this.

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2014, 10:48 

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Thanks coaches!! I pretty much knew that you wouldn't be able to comment on when my son could return to the court. But just wanted to hear what you might say.

Son is going to the YMCA every other day and he is listenting to the personal trainer there. Going slowly, getting the foot back to it's strength and working on cardio because of the lack of activity over the past 7 weeks. Hubby said that he did well yesterday. rode 8 miles on the bike and shot around in the gym (without the boot). Moved around a bit on the foot to see how it would fare and I guess Hubby said son did well. He is going to take him again tomorrow and Saturday, then again on Monday. I guess the game plan is to have him practice on Tuesday with the team with out the boot, not full force.

Son was having such a good time with this team this year and was getting his confidence back right before he did this to his foot. Hopefully he will be able to get back in the saddle again for the end of the season tournys. He also has AAU to look forward to which starts end of March.

Thanks for your replies. It is appreciated.

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2014, 23:02 

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Certainly follow the Doctors and trainers advice. Sometimes it is just a function of how much pain you can take.

HOWEVER, if he is going to play spring/summer season in March, then I would not push it. The last thing you want is to come back too early and loose that season as well. You need to be smart. Good luck.

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