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PostPosted: 12 Jan 2013, 22:22 

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Coach Sar defense is an area that Blake needs to work on . It's not really a matter of effort or hustle . its more He doesn't have real great lateral movement and side to side movement . not saying he is terrible but is a definite area that needs work . I think he can make strides to get better first by learning to get in a better defensive stance . He tends to not have a enough knee bend to me and his butts up and upper body has a forward lean towards the offensive player . I'd like to video it sometime and post on here to get some tips to improve . One thing I do like about him on defense is he is not afraid to take on the better players . Last week we played a team that had Rod Stricklands youngest son as PG and Blake started the game defending player another kid . The strickland kid was getting in paint at will and start of 2nd qt I seen Blake wave his team mate to switch men and he took on the challenge of guarding strickland and didn't do half bad . The kid had an awesome hesitation dribble and crossover an was very very quick . I just liked the fact Blake wanted to take on the challenge and didn't shy away .... Also is there any drills to improve lateral quickness and side to side and foot speed ? This is not an area I know much about

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2013, 23:03 

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Jeff those are some great ideas ! I am not sure what all stats the coaches keep up with other than the basic Pts. , Reb, ass, steals, etc but I wish they would consider those ideas . . I as a dad really don't keep up with many stats . I will admit I have kept up with FT % and 3 pt FG % for the season Because blake asked me to . So far thru 20 games blake is 35-47 FT @ 74% and 14-33 3's @ 42% . As for what I stress to him is basically 3 things in this order and I may be wrong in my belief but #1 have fun playing the game #2 be a great teammate #3 try to make the best basketball play available in the moment . I have always thought if u have a high basketball IQ and u make the best basketball play available everything else will play out . He asked what Is the best basketball play available ? My answer to that was that is where learning and having a high basketball IQ comes in . The Best basketball play available could be a million things . Could be a drive and dish , a drive and kick, a drive and shoot , a pull up jumper , push it on a fast break , back it out and set it up , a back door cut , a time out , run clock , etc etc . The list can go on an on. Not sure my philosophy is correct but that has been basically the way I have tried teaching him if any of this makes sense lol

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2013, 12:36 
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Des ---

The key to playing good defense starts with a good stance with balance..... without having good balance you wont do well in any sport. His head should never be past his knees... and his butt needs to be down with his knees bent..
The next thing he can do is to go to school on the player he is defending... and take away his best move, make him do something he is uncomfortable with.... like using his off hand etc. (taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive one)
I love the fact that he wants to defend their best player...shows some guts. From what we talked about when Blake was 10, was that he was very coachable and had a great work effort.... remind him of our conversations since I know you shared the things we talked about with him. I know he has the desire, but as he gets older (and he other kids get older) he needs to understand that the kids get bigger, stronger, quicker and faster. IF he doesn't work hard to keep up with them OR better yet, be better than them, he will quickly fall behind.... and thats not a good thing. (you can share this with him too)
Did you show us a video of him taking a charge and another one of him shooting? Any 10 year old that is willing to stand in there and take a charge can play for me anytime... along with his work eithic regarding his shooting.

As for basketball IQ, I think you are right on point there..... Blake is a point guard, he needs to know and understand the game.... he needs to be another coach on the floor.... being positive.

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