Two Ball Shooting Drill

Drill Purpose:

This drill allows the shooter to get a high number of shots in a short amount of time from different spots.


  1. You need 3 players: a rebounder (Player 3), passer (Player 2), and shooter (Player 1).

  2. Player 2 and the Player 3 start out with the basketballs.

  3. Player 1 makes a cut to another spot on the floor and Player 2 throws a pass leading Player 1 to the spot.

  1. Player 1 shoots the ball on the catch.

  2. After Player 2 passed the ball to Player 1, Player 3 passes the ball to Player 2.

  3. Player 3 rebounds the shot.

  1. Player 1 cuts to back to a new spot and Player 2 passes him the ball.

  2. Player 1 shoots the ball.

  3. Player 3 passes the ball to Player 2 and goes to rebound the shot.

  1. This pattern continues for a set amount of time or until a certain number of shots have been taken or made.

Teaching Tips & Points of Emphasis:

  • Keep your hips low, so you can catch the ball and go straight up into your shot.

  • Move at GAME SPEED. If you do NOT shoot at full speed, you'll never shoot the ball well during the game, because your brain/body is not accustomed the speed.

  • Good Passes. Every pass should hit the shooter in the hands and lead them into their shot.

  • Go to different spots on the floor.
        - Elbow to Elbow
        - Wing to Wing

  • Change positions of the passer.

  • Offensive Patterns. You can perform this drill with certain patterns and cuts. For example, from the wing, you could fade to the corner. From the corner, do v-cut and pop up to the wing for a shot.

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Sean says:
7/3/2012 at 1:51:24 AM

I used this drill with my 5th gr girls and added a twist. I make the shooter take a jump shot and after the jump shot the next shot is a layup. That way they are getting up a jumper and working on their right and left hand layups all the while doing the drill at game speed. Awesome!!!


Bish says:
1/11/2012 at 10:04:52 PM

This is a catch and shoot drill. Works best using 3 balls and full team on court. 2 in on the boards and fast rotation I've found. Means the big guys can get extra work down low too. Not just made for the 1-3 guards.
We normally have a 3 guard set and using this drill over the last month we have increased our game pace to 8.9 possessions every five minutes, up from 6.2 per 5 prior. The big guys are averaging 16orpg, up from 7.8, and our fg% is up from 36 to 47.
It teaches the boys to always be at full speed rather than being lazy n not working.


CHRIS V says:
4/16/2011 at 9:51:06 AM

Wow.its the real road to d top


brian says:
3/12/2011 at 2:18:32 PM

this is good drill


samuel says:
1/27/2011 at 9:10:49 AM

this has helped me alot
and i am a player


Pratul says:
12/3/2009 at 8:51:07 AM

keeping the hips low will realy help?????
what if u wanna give a fake to the defender and u can make drive to the key, keeping the hips low will certainly result in traveling in that situation.
Plz post some tips for the shooting but still these were helpful....


micahel says:
10/8/2009 at 9:23:58 AM

it a great drill can:t wait to use it.


jamahl rice says:
1/3/2009 at 10:26:11 PM

I've found alot of good tips when it comes to my defense..and I think the two ball shooting will help my guys quit a bit.


Tourny says:
12/10/2008 at 3:49:37 PM

Variation: All players shoot in this variation.
3 players and 2 baskeballs.
#1 shoots, follows his shot, rebounds and passes to #3.
Almost simultaneously #2 shoots, follows his shot, passes to the now open #1.
#3 shoots, follows shot, rebounds and passes to #2. and so on and so on....

Provides lots of shots, movement and passing.
Monitor and encourage good basketball skills and habits like footwork, passing, rebounding, etc.


Adriano Go says:
12/6/2008 at 6:21:10 PM

It is a great drill. I first found out about this drill, when Coach Hubie Brown showed it on a basketball tape, many years back. The goal is to take 20 shots in 55 seconds and make 15 of those. He even has charters indicating what part of the basket, the shot hits.


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