Develop Your Weak Hand, Passing, Dribbling, & Ball Quickness With This Drill

By David Jooss

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The Two Ball Combo Drill is one of my favorite drills. This drill incorporates ball handling and passing into one drill series. Two ball combo forces players to communicate, allows for creativity, and produces a lot of repetitions for players. I have used this drill with 4th-12th grade boys and girls and have found this drill to be effective at each level. The primary skills that this drill incorporates are:

  • Weak hand development (Both dribbling and passing)
  • Ball quickness
  • Right and left hand push passing of the dribble

Instructions for Two Ball Combo Drill:

Align partners about 8-10 feet across from each other. One of the partners starts with both basketballs and starts doing two ball dribbling drills (such as two ball same, high-low, switches, etc…).

The partner without the basketballs allows for 10-15 seconds worth of dribbling and then holds up one of their hands and calls “ball”, then the partner that is dribbling the two basketballs passes the ball that is on the side of the hand their partner held up (you can vary what type of pass they throw).

Then each player does stationary one dribble moves until that same partner calls "ball" again and now has two balls.

The drill can continue for a certain time or for a number of reps. I usually go for two minutes doing right and left air push passes and then go for two minutes doing right and left hand bounce passes.


Require players to utilize certain two ball dribbling drills or allow them to choose for creativity.

Please post your comments, suggestions, and questions below...


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Zero says:
4/14/2015 at 11:18:09 AM

Love this drill, will use it this coming summer, Thanks.


Monte Moire says:
4/14/2015 at 6:00:54 AM

I really like this drill. It is a great way to accomplish so much during a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing this really great drill with us.


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