No Hoop? No Problem. Become A Better Shooter In Just Minutes A Day!

By Jeff Huber

"I don't have a hoop to shoot on!" Unfortunately, for some of you that's the reality.

You may not have access to a gym or a hoop outside. Or maybe you are going on vacation this summer but still want to work on your shooting.

For many players, the lack of a hoop becomes a reason to not work on shooting. Don't let that be you!

Of course, you do need to shoot on a hoop at some point. However, you can get better even if you don't have a hoop.

On Wednesday, we sent a great shooting footwork workout from Coach Paris Davis, focusing on game-like cuts into shots. But what if you're in a situation where a hoop is unavailable?

Coach Paris has put together another great shooting footwork workout you can do anytime, anyplace. All you need is a ball and a few minutes!

WATCH the drills here and check out the description of the workout below.

So what are you waiting for?

5 At-Home Shooting Workout Drills

For each drill, perform 10 reps on each side. The entire workout consists of 100 reps.

  1. 1-2 step - toss the ball out in front of yourself with some backspin. Take two steps to simulate a 1-2 step footwork. If you toss the ball out to your left, step right foot then left foot. Switch that on the opposite side.
  2. Hop - toss the ball out in front of yourself with some backspin. Hop into the catch. Perform 10x tossing the ball slightly in front to the right. Repeat 10x tossing the ball slightly in front to the left.
  3. Side hop - bounce the ball to your side with some backspin. Hop sideways and catch the ball in a shooting position. This footwork helps when your teammate throws you a pass that requires you to move left or right. Instead of reaching and pulling the ball back, you want to move your body to get in line with the ball.
  4. Side steps - bounce the ball to your side with some backspin. Step with the lead foot (right foot if the ball is to your right) and perform a 1-2 step sideways to get behind the ball.
  5. Pivots - face backwards. Bounce the ball behind you and to the side. Perform a front pivot on your inside foot (the foot closest to the ball). Catch the ball with 1-2 footwork and be ready to shoot.

This is good footwork to simulate coming off a screen with a defender trailing you.

3 Footwork Habits Of Elite Shooters

As you perform your reps, build the following 3 habits:

  1. Feet shoulder width - this gives you proper balance when shooting your shot.
  2. Knees bent - having your knees bent allows your legs to absorb your weight. It then enables you to generate power when you go up to shoot.
  3. Shooting foot forward - most shooters like to have their shooting foot an inch or two ahead of their non-shooting foot. This means a righty would have their right foot a couple inches ahead of their left foot.

Use This Shooting Workout Anytime, Anyplace!

Yes, this is a great workout when you don't have access to a hoop. But it's really a great workout anytime!

Mastering shooting footwork is essential to being a great shooter. That mastery comes from repetition.

That's the beauty of this workout. You can do it when you're watching TV. In just minutes a day, you can ingrain the habits you will need to reach your goals.

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